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things that make you comfortable and at ease

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The question remains, then: How do people in different income groups (a proxy for education) value the consumption amenities that large cities offer?
Product differentiation platform provider Routehappy said it has agreed with travel search engine KAYAK to integrate Scores & Amenities data into KAYAK search results.
This study and conceptual master plan, informed by the Burlington Parks Master Plan, seeks to build a long-term siting strategy for existing and future amenities at Oakledge Park.
com)-- Concept Amenities, a global leader in the supply of environmentally responsible hotel guest bath amenities, is pleased to announce that 2013 will round out its 30th year in business.
A third is the amenities they offer to patients and their families.
The new signature building on the Stamford skyline will provide views of Long Island Sound, Stamford, and New York City, and will boast all the quality amenities and services for which Metro Center is known.
As a natural next step, nursing homes are taking it outside, extending upgrades to the outdoors by giving these campuses a more residential feel and adding amenities like courtyards and rehabilitation gardens.
ROSAMOND -- Taking baby steps and getting the public involved will be key to getting recreational amenities for parks-poor Rosamond, community officials said.
Both will set you back about $25,000 to $38,000 a day--a mere trifle considering that all amenities, food, and a serving staff of over 30 is compris.
JW Marriott Hotels extend the traditional Marriott culture of warm, genuine hospitality and dependability in a more luxurious environment with upgraded amenities and high levels of personal service," she says.
There's already a program up and running in its Sydney Hotel that features the "Corporate Woman Program me," with special amenities and services for female executive guests.
At the other end of the spectrum, rural high-amenity and retirement-destination counties had the advantage of attractive amenities, and rural counties adjacent to large metro areas benefited from their ties to the major centers of information.
So instead of location, that old rule of thumb should be changed to "amenities, amenities, amenities.
As the newest addition to the collection of Hilton resorts around the world, the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort offers an array of upscale amenities and personalized services just steps away from one of Florida's most beautiful beaches," said Jeff Diskin, senior vice president of Hilton Brand Management.
com)-- Corporate Amenities Operations Manager Didi Smith says: "At Corporate Amenities we have always taken customer care very seriously, talking and listening to our customers and taking their views on board.