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Synonyms for amendment

Synonyms for amendment

the act of making better or the condition of being made better

the act or process of revising

Words related to amendment

the act of amending or correcting

a statement that is added to or revises or improves a proposal or document (a bill or constitution etc

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Consequently, unless plaintiffs can show that exclusion is an inadequate remedy, unintentional violations of Miranda do not violate the Fifth Amendment Self-Incrimination Clause.
Besides forcing Congress to balance outgo against income, the amendment would also compel the federal government to manage its resources more intelligently.
The amendments will lessen overall confusion over which parties are responsible for cleaning up properties, what their particular remediation responsibilities include and when ECRA rules are to be invoked.
The Fifth Amendment goes beyond these rights and creates a far more dubious privilege: a right of ordinary criminals to conceal their crimes.
E-Friendly Amendments Bring Most Significant Change to Bermuda Company Law in Half a Century
The Sixth Amendment, which concerns criminal prosecutions, guarantees public trials, impartial juries, and the "right to an attorney" part of the Miranda warning.
To overcome this limitation on federal judicial power, an activist Supreme Court developed a line of cases holding that the 14th Amendment was the conduit that allows it to impose the federal restrictions of the Bill of Rights (amendments one through 10) upon state action.
Americans United blasted the stunt, noting that the amendment had already been voted down in the Senate in July.
The amendment is largely symbolic because the law already prohibits foreign governments from using U.
Given the heated emotions on both sides, no one should be shocked that high-profile national lawmakers who have fought against the marriage amendment have not also supported same-sex marriage publicly, such as presumed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and U.
In condemning the harshness of Stevens' original version of the 14th Amendment, a colleague asked him if he could build a penitentiary large enough for the millions of people living in the South.
Every time the Supreme Court rules on a First Amendment case, it further defines what rights the Amendment does--and doesn't--protect.
Because this proposed amendment is neither sound nor administrable, we urge the Commission to avoid including it in any proposed Model Uniform Statute on Reportable Transactions & Inconsistent Filing Positions.
The City Council, which postponed action on the sphere amendment for about a month because Palmer's letter implied possible litigation, is slated to take up the issue again Tuesday.
The lawyers who filed the suits tried a variety of arguments, citing privacy, the Second Amendment, and a similar provision in the Illinois Constitution's Bill of Rights ("Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed").