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Under this framework, a defendant was permitted to amend its answer, adding counterclaims only if the new counterclaims directly related to the changes made in the amended complaint.
If the amended return is determined to be complete and accurate and will result in a reduction of the taxpayer's liability, the FTB will modify existing actions to ensure only the correct amount of tax is collected.
If an amended return is timely filed to claim a deduction rather than a credit for foreign taxes paid, and the deduction creates an NOL for a year that is outside of Sec.
The cultures were amended with a sterile, deoxygenated stock solution of benzoate, resulting in an initial concentration of 13.
Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak was unavailable to comment, but a team spokesman said the deal had to be amended because Payton did not meet a one-week deadline Friday afternoon for all players in the trade to report for a physical.
CPAs should help employers or clients that have had substantial employee terminations and layoffs consider how CSX affects those payments and whether the company is eligible to file amended returns.
The USA PATRIOT Act also amended Title III, FISA, and the federal statute related to pen registers to explicitly authorize the use of pen registers and traps and traces on communication networks other than just telephones.
Many good reasons were previously given as to why amended returns are not the favored choice.
11 is amended by revising paragraph (c)(3) as follows:
Closing of the merger is subject to various conditions, including the approval of the Amended Merger Agreement by the stockholders of JK Acquisition Corp.
2005-4, the IRS took the position that an amended return (or other written notice to the IRS of additional liability not listed on an original return) filed after the due date (including extensions) is not "the return" described in Sec.
6404(g) applies to deficiency notices and to self-assessed amounts shown on amended returns filed by the taxpayer.
Tax Executives Institute submits that limiting interest payable on amended tax returns and claims for refund under either proposal would violate basic tenets of taxpayer rights, skew the administration of the tax system in favor of the government, and thereby undermine taxpayer perceptions of equity and fairness in tax policy -- the foundation of a viable, voluntary self-assessment tax system.
KCS also announced today that KCSR received consents from all of the lenders under its Amended and Restated Credit Agreement dated April 28, 2006 to waive related defaults under that agreement.
6227(c) (3) requires attaching amended Schedules K-1 for all partners.