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of legislation


modified for the better

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That is easily amended," said he cheerily, and picking her lightly up, for she was much worn with time, he passed across with her.
Him and his cook and his light housekeeper sitting by the fire," she amended.
Mr Ralph Nickleby seconded the resolution, and another gentleman having moved that it be amended by the insertion of the words 'and crumpet' after the word 'muffin,' whenever it occurred, it was carried triumphantly.
Ah," Saxon amended, with a proud little smile, "you haven't said it right.
I went downstairs with the message, of which I took the liberty of presenting a new and amended edition of my own contriving, as follows: "My lady and Miss Rachel regret that they are engaged, Colonel; and beg to be excused having the honour of seeing you.
In addition, Murray Energy announced that a large majority of holders of the outstanding aggregate principal amount of each of the 2013 Notes and the 2014 Notes have agreed to tender their Notes pursuant the terms of the Amended Tender Offer and consent to the proposed amendments to the Indentures pursuant to the Amended Consent Only Offer.
If the amended return is based on an audit, FTB collection staff will work with audit staff to determine the accuracy of the return.
901(a) may file an amended return and change the credit to a deduction under Sec.
Mesocosm-scale biodegradation experiments were conducted using 2-L culture vessels inoculated with sediment or digester sludge, amended with either 3-CB (sediment and digester sludge) or 2-CP (sediment), and established and maintained using aseptic techniques.
I successfully filed amended returns on behalf of several clients that received refunds of overpaid Social Security and Medicare payments on severance payments considered SUCBs.
The USA PATRIOT Act amended many federal statutes in significant ways that are important to criminal and intelligence investigators.
1 is amended by revising the last sentence of paragraph (a) to read as follows:
Following Bankruptcy Court approval of the Disclosure Statement, the Company can begin the process of soliciting votes for approval of the Amended Plan.
Under the revised regulations, applicable to tax years beginning after 1997, "[n]o untimely or amended returns will be allowed to elect to group, to change a grouping basis, or to change from a grouping basis to a transaction-by-transaction basis for such year" (Temp.