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The Remedy: Several types of amendatory policy language can be utilized by carriers to limit exposure.
But having been in insurance for more than 3 weeks, my compatriot knew well enough to include a disclaimer: "That's not to say that they haven't adopted some of the 2011 changes in a recently filed amendatory endorsement or in their own proprietary policy form.
Hoyer defended the proposed parliamentary maneuver arguing that the use of a special rule "deeming" the Senate bill enacted upon passage of the House amendatory bill "is consistent with the rules" and "is consistent with former practice.
After such a mandatory, amendatory streak for the second
Texas Department of Insurance, 2001c, Adoption of Amendatory Mandatory Endorsements, Mandatory Offer Endorsements, an Amendment to Endorsement No.
This new method is an amendatory algorithm to improve the performance of the current localization algorithms, so that we choose the most classic and most brief localization algorithm, Centroid Algorithm, to perform experiments to demonstrate the localization accuracy of the new amendatory algorithm.
R] is an amendatory factor (Rohsenow and Hartnett 1983) of the convection heat transfer coefficient due to the augment effect of centrifugal force of fluid flow in the spiral channel:
Also without express choice of law during the arbitration proceedings the CAS Panels attain preponderantly a subsidiary and amendatory application of Swiss law.
Recently, Judges Cohen and Langham held workshops around the state via video-teleconference to encourage open dialogue pertaining to this amendatory process.
The President would then sign the amendatory legislation, completing the reform package.
Article 238 in Part XI of the Constitution pertaining to amendatory powers and procedures gives absolute power to the Parliament to amend the Constitution, it adds.
156-67 (1802), and a further amendatory act was passed in 1803.
Under the newly created Paragraph 4a of that section, for employees and members who are terminated, or whose hours are reduced below the minimum required for coverage, between the effective date of the amendatory Act and December 31, 2009, written notice under that section must also include material informing the employee of the availability of premium reduction under the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).
This victory was made possible by such factors as Parliament's routine use of amendatory power, the loss of the founding voice of Nehru, the miscalculations of Indira Gandhi, and the weaknesses of a politically fractured Parliament.