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Yet to his credit he assumed, contrary to the rest of the classicals, that relatively frictionless ex-post amendatory reactions by firms (to their ex ante mistakes in forecasting demand) should be the presumptive norm, thereby precluding the attribution of recession to some type of purely market-based rigidity that supposedly suppresses, necessarily on a grand scale, the reallocations of capital and labor from overstocked sectors to ultra-high demand (yet relatively undeserved) areas, shifts that are needed to minimize the accumulation of unwanted inventories in the former and shortages in the latter.
He may have spoken of "mes theories," but he was not really discussing "theories"; he was expounding principles--lessons learned in his instinctive and amendatory way of working--which meant that their verbal exposition had to be revised and rephrased constantly.
SB 684 contains amendatory language related to the State Board of Dentistry related to licensing requirements, fees and board employees.
constitute genuinely amendatory moments--rather than, for example,
2011 Adaptation of glycohyte and halophyte fodder crops to the Saline Soils of Harran Plain and their amendatory effects on physico-chemical characateristics of soil.
Identification of Article V's potential role in the early Republic leads to a more nuanced view of the Constitution's amendatory regime.
These policies provide clients with some measure of coverage through either an amendatory endorsement or via a personal umbrella policy.
But having been in insurance for more than 3 weeks, my compatriot knew well enough to include a disclaimer: "That's not to say that they haven't adopted some of the 2011 changes in a recently filed amendatory endorsement or in their own proprietary policy form.
Hoyer defended the proposed parliamentary maneuver arguing that the use of a special rule "deeming" the Senate bill enacted upon passage of the House amendatory bill "is consistent with the rules" and "is consistent with former practice.
After such a mandatory, amendatory streak for the second
Texas Department of Insurance, 2001c, Adoption of Amendatory Mandatory Endorsements, Mandatory Offer Endorsements, an Amendment to Endorsement No.
Most states also require certain amendatory provisions to the basic form and these are found in state amendatory endorsements, usually dealing with cancellation, non-renewal and discovery.
This new method is an amendatory algorithm to improve the performance of the current localization algorithms, so that we choose the most classic and most brief localization algorithm, Centroid Algorithm, to perform experiments to demonstrate the localization accuracy of the new amendatory algorithm.
R] is an amendatory factor (Rohsenow and Hartnett 1983) of the convection heat transfer coefficient due to the augment effect of centrifugal force of fluid flow in the spiral channel: