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Synonyms for amendable

capable of being corrected by additions


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Atlas executives are frustrated because don't know when an amendable contract will be reached, and they fear it may take well over a year to get to that point, Sterling said.
To uproar in the Commons, Mrs May told MPs: "They are commitments I am making and I will stick by them, as I have previous commitments to make statements and table amendable motions by specific dates."
Chief Justice Tun Md Raus Sharif who chaired a three-man bench said the EC's action in its delimitation exercise was a mere action that did not bind parties and as such was not amendable to judicial review.
These include metastatic breast cancer that overexpresses HER2, postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer that overexpresses HER2 and advanced or recurrent gastric cancer overexpressing HER2 and not amendable to curative resection.
Following the tentative agreement being reached in October 2011, this new contract becomes amendable on 17 October 2011.
This is the first carriage off the platform in the Greens proposal for light rail to develop in all Australian cities with amendable corridors.
The test work was conducted to see if a bulk combined sample (ROM sample) is amendable to gravity concentration and gold dissolution.
It contains invaluable background information, including the history of the airline industry and a description of its most important operational aspects, and addresses several new transactions and issues that have emerged over the years, including frequent flyer programs, electronic ticketing, revenue breakage, power-by-the-hour maintenance arrangements, amendable labor contracts, and airline intangible assets, among others.
Shining Strand (2.30 Doncaster) Notoriously hot-headed, both on the racecourse and at home, but graduallybecoming more amendable and there's no doubting his ability.
One presents feminism as an unfinished emancipatory project, an aspect of a more general process of modernisation and amendable to a grand narrative history.
No fewer than 26,000 regulations and directives drafted in Brussels -- not amendable by our national Parliament -- now have the full rigor of British law.
Contrast this with the state constitutions, which are usually amendable by popular vote and by easily called constitutional conventions, with the result that most state constitutions have hundreds of articles and are hundreds of pages long.