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capable of being corrected by additions


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Contrast this with the state constitutions, which are usually amendable by popular vote and by easily called constitutional conventions, with the result that most state constitutions have hundreds of articles and are hundreds of pages long.
It is a fundamentally American belief, this belief in rights; it is what becomes of a nation with a written, amendable constitution and a philosophical affection for individualism.
The transgenic mouse model is definitely a very exciting model, because the mouse is much more amendable to laboratory study and because we know a lot about mouse genetics," says Yen Li, a researcher at the New England Regional Primate Research Center in Southborough, Mass.
The PSA pilots' contract became amendable on June 30, 2009.
The existing five-year contract, which was approved by members in 2014, becomes amendable in December 2019.
If approved, the new contract will become amendable August 31, 2020.
The five-year contract with Pinnacle Airlines Inc replaces an agreement which became amendable on 31 January this year.
The campaign began in March, one year after the flight attendants' contract became amendable.
Although Rauscher admits he is "nervous" about the study, he says he believes the results are valid "until proven otherwise" and that "an awful lot of other cancers may be amendable (to this approach).
The new agreement becomes amendable on September 2, 2012.
Pilots are covered by the Railway Labor Act, so labor agreements do not expire; they become amendable and remain in effect until a new contract is ratified.
Following just four months of negotiations, United worked with the union to reach these agreements between nine months and two and a half years in advance of the prior contracts' amendable dates.
It is particularly significant that the pilots and Alaska management reached agreement on a new contract a little more than a month beyond the last agreement's April 1, 2013, amendable date.
The airline said that the contract becomes amendable February 2015 and the current collective bargaining agreement became amendable in February 2009.