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Synonyms for amenability

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

Synonyms for amenability

the trait of being cooperative

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Gekko Systems - Gekko Python / Pressure Jig Amenability Test-Work for Gravity Recoverable Gold with coarse crushing using low-energy / low-water requirement Vertical Shaft Impactor*.
7) By contrast, critics argue that juvenile courts lack valid or reliable clinical tools with which to assess amenability to treatment or to predict dangerousness, and that the standardless discretion courts exercise results in abuses and inequalities.
Amenability to probation is such a preventive reason: the amenable offender is supposed to be more likely to abide by the terms of a probation sentence and (it is hoped) to desist from further criminality.
These studies will expand the available gene catalogs of tree species as well as enable understanding of the biochemical features that explain amenability of particular wood products to the pretreatment and bioconversion steps that lead to products that will ultimately burn in jet engines," he added.
A revitalized Lincoln Park has been designed with walkways, lighting and landscaping to create multiple activity zones and improved amenability and public safety.
heap leach amenability testwork included head analyses, coarse bottle
Individual oxide and fresh samples were tested for amenability to gold extraction by gravity and direct cyanidation methods, initially at a P[sub.
It appears from work that the caustic wash improves the amenability of the mineralised material to the leach process.
Kevin Bullock, CEO of Volta said, "We are encouraged by the results obtained from testing the amenability of the Kiaka ores to gravity separation.
coli is a well-studied microorganism whose natural ability to synthesize fatty acids and exceptional amenability to genetic manipulation make it an ideal target for biofuels research.
Although most juvenile justice practitioners concede that some juvenile offenders should be treated as adults because of their conduct, their prior delinquency or their lack of amenability to treatment, there is widespread concern in the field over the consequences of treating significant numbers of juvenile offenders as adults.
Programs appear to have better prospects for success when they focus on selected subgroups of offenders, carefully screened for amenability.
Important new tools have been developed in the area of molecular genetics, and our understanding of potato physiology has been revolutionized due to amenability of the potato to genetic transformation.
Rockford joins AAR s six other MRO locations (Duluth, MN; Oklahoma City, OK; Miami, FL; Lake Charles, LA; Indianapolis, IN and Hot Springs, AR) and was ultimately selected due to the region s centralized location, cost-effectiveness, availability of specialized technical talent and RFD development amenability.
Proposed process - BIOX; amenability and technical viability