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Synonyms for amenability

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

Synonyms for amenability

the trait of being cooperative

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A considerable generalization of the concept of left amenability was introduced by Kaniuth, Lau and Pym [12] (see also Monfared [22]) for a Banach algebra A with respect to an arbitrary character f on A; in fact, the Banach algebra A is called [phi]-amenable if [H.
The superiority of SRP to official poverty is in its amenability to measurement over time.
On another note, the ambassador expressed his country's delight at Kuwait's amenability to the idea of the revival of the old silk road which will benefit both countries economically.
Most of the results on maximal amenability so far (including the above) are obtained via the refinements of [5].
The blue browallia may pleasantly surprise you with their amenability.
1] Its aim is to become a fully indexed open-access journal collection in the service of the SA research community through effective quality assurance, worldwide visibility, and amenability to bibliometric analysis.
In contrast, patient amenability is far different when we begin by asking, "All else being equal for a moment, do you think you would prefer to take your medication once a month or every day?
The dimension of amenability involves characteristics including being compassionate, polite, respectful, gentle, flexible and safe.
Amenability studies from recent core to assess rock mechanics are underway.
Since then Sohail's enthusiasm and affection towards Al Noor is seen by Pacific Ventures beyond the realm of a mere CSR amenability, Sohail has also been a part of the company's CSR project by associating with a charitable fundraiser for Al Noor where he generously donated all his Being Human apparels to be auctioned off at the Gala Dinner.
Further, the AChBPs amenability to X-ray crystallography has enabled us to provide more than 100 structures of the proteins in complex with numerous peptides, toxins, and therapeutically relevant compounds.
Hot melts will also see healthy gains, as their amenability to fast processing speeds will promote opportunities in the packaging market, while their lack of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions will continue to make hot melts an environmentally preferable option.
Both sides expressed guarded amenability to the idea.
But a number of stars have already been identified as playing host to rocky planets at a distance not too hot and not too cold for liquid water - the first proxy for amenability to life.