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area reserved for persons leading the responsive 'amens'

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The iconic phrase was taken from jazz record Shoutin' In That Amen Corner and Wind used it to perfectly sumup the spot where the critical action took place in 1958.
Bobby Clampett and Billy Kratzert return in 2008 to provide commentary and analysis for Amen Corner Live as well as the debut of 15 & 16 Live.
As for the curiously named Amen Corner, not surprisingly it has its roots in religious practice.
He first came to prominence as lead singer in Amen Corner who enjoyed hits like Bend Me Shape Me, Hello Suzy and (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice.
Lead singer with Cardiff's Amen Corner was Andy Fairweather Low.
LOCAL boy Vaughn Taylor grins when he tells of golf-daft intruders who waded half a mile along Rae's Creek in darkness to fulfil boyhood dreams of playing golf at Amen Corner.
UDL is to move from its current premises at St Nicholas' Chambers on Amen Corner after signing a 10-year lease for 4,700sqft on the 12th floor of Pilgrim Street's Cale Cross House.
JACK NICKLAUS last night told Luke Donald and the rest of the Britpack to say their prayers before getting to Amen Corner if they want to win the Green Jacket.
It scooped the golfing equivalent of a National Lottery win last summer when Seve's company Amen Corner and the European Tour selected it to host the fourth Seve Trophy from September 22 to 25.
This is a joyous, retro pop song, sound-checking bands like The Byrds and Amen Corner.
Amen Corner starts with a drive which should slide round the trees.
You know, ``through richer or poorer or Amen Corner.
Flambe's stablemate Captain Kozando is reasonably interesting, but on racetrack form more likely winners are Amen Corner, Charitable and Better Off.