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the developmental process of forming tooth enamel

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PALABRAS CLAVE: Amelogenina; Amelogenesis imperfecta; Proteina relacionada con la glucosa de 78 kDa (Grp78); Proteinas de membrana asociadas a los lisosomas (LAMP).
An interdisciplinary approach for restoring function and esthetics in a patient with amelogenesis imperfecta and malocclusion: A clinical report.
Distribution of children with dental anomalies according to gender Dental anomaly Male Female Total (% prevalence) Congenitally missing teeth 20 28 48 (0.52%) Supernumerary 10 15 25 (0.27%) Molar-incisor 11 12 23 (0.25%) hypomineralization Turner hypoplasia 8 6 14 (0.1%) Fluorosis 7 4 11 (0.1%) Odontoma 4 6 10 (0.1%) Fusion 5 4 9 (0.09%) Gemination 3 3 6 (0.06%) Amelogenesis imperfecta 3 2 5 (0.05%) Dens invaginatus 1 2 3 (0.03%) Talon cusp 1 1 2 (0.02%) Taurodontism 2 - 2 (0.02%) Macrodontia - 2 2 (0.02%) Dentinogenesis imperfecta 1 1 2 (0.02%) Dilaceration 1 1 2 (0.02%) Ectopic eruption - 1 1 (0.01%) Microdontia - 1 1 (0.01%)
5 The permanent first molars are equally affected and imitative of appearance of Amelogenesis imperfecta only in severe cases of MIH.
Para el grupo de estudio se aplicaron los siguientes criterios de inclusion: ninos/as diagnosticados con maltrato infantil, con edades de 6 a 16anos, y los siguientes criterios de exclusion: ninos/as que no deseen participar en el estudio, ninos/as con patologias de sistema nervioso, ninos/as con alergias, anodoncia secundaria a un sindrome y ninos con alteraciones del desarrollo dental como amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta y odontodisplasia regional.
The cause of dental enamel defects in Celiac patients is not exactly clear.3,11,12 Malabsorption of various macro-micro nutrients (iron, calcium folate and fat soluable vitamins) may be responsible for dental enamel defects.13,14 Dental enamel defects reflect the period of interruption of amelogenesis.15
INTRODUCTION: Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) (Amelogenesis--enamel formation; imperfecta imperfecta) is a relatively rare group of inherited disorders characterized by abnormal enamel formation.
Primary hereditary abnormalities of enamel that are unrelated to other disorders are included in the family of conditions termed amelogenesis imperfecta.
At that evaluation, her oral surgeon diagnosed her with amelogenesis imperfecta and osteogenesis imperfecta of the maxilla.