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Characteristics reminiscent of ameloblastoma, such as alveolar patterns and peripheral palisading of cells, may be exhibited in some PIOSCCs, but typical features of ameloblastic differentiation that would justify a diagnosis of ameloblastic carcinoma are lacking.
Donnie Fritts has Ameloblastic Carcinoma, a rare form of cancer that has resulted in the removal of his face and 20 surgeries over six years to replace it.
one ameloblastic carcinoma, one clear cell odontogenic tumor, and one granular cell odontogenic tumor) by Carinci et al.
Whereas the ameloblastic carcinoma has cytologic features of malignancy not only in a primary tumour but also in a recurrence or in any metastatic deposits.
Based on the above histological features a diagnosis of Ameloblastic Carcinoma was made.
Ameloblastic carcinoma is a rare malignant lesion with characteristic histological features and behaviour that dictate a more radical surgical approach than does a simple ameloblastoma.
A history of radiation exposure has been reported in patients who were diagnosed with ameloblastic carcinomas.