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a cell from which tooth enamel develops

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Examples include EWSR1 rearrangements in clear cell odontogenic carcinoma and BRAF V600E point mutation in ameloblastic carcinoma.
(4) The differential diagnoses of POT includes ameloblastic fibroma and odontogenic fibroma/myxoma.
Lopez-Corella et al., "Comparative expression of syndecan-1 and Ki-67 in peripheral and desmoplastic ameloblastomas and ameloblastic carcinoma," Pathology International, vol.
Unicystic ameloblastomas may present three histological variants, where the luminal subtype of the tumor is confined to the luminal surface of the cyst and the cystic wall is totally or partially lined by ameloblastic epithelium; the intraluminal variant presents ameloblastoma nodules protruding into the lumen of the cyst and finally, in the third variant, known as mural, the cystic wall is infiltrated by ameloblastoma [5, 6].
[1] Stafne, in year 1948 described it as an "ameloblastic adenomatoid tumor or adenoameloblastoma," since it presented with simulating structures such as canals or glands, he, therefore, described it as an ameloblastoma variant.
Savitha and Cariappa (17) used an extraoral approach for enucleation of an ameloblastic fibro odontoma in a 5-year-old boy.
Two of the patients reported with ameloblastic carcinoma, which is the malignant variant of this odontogenic tumour.
This condition is due to disrupted ameloblastic function during the transitional and maturational stages of amelogenesis.
Ameloblastic fibroodontoma (AFO) is a rare tumour characterized by proliferating odontogenic epithelium within primitive cellular ectomesenchymal tissue with/without hard tissue formation [2].
Sanchez-Acuna, "Comparison of the value of PCNA and Ki-67 as markers of cell proliferation in ameloblastic tumors," Medicina Oral, Patologia Oral y Cirugia Bucal, vol.
Other clinical entities such as ameloblastic fibroma, odontogenic myxoma, intraosseous mucoepidermoid carcinoma and central odontogenic fibroma must be considered although they occur less frequently (20).
The neoplastic lesions often reported within the bovine tongue are squamous cell carcinoma, ameloblastic fibroodontoma (Mahjour and Pear Craft, 2007), malignant melanoma (Brito et al., 2009) and mast cell tumor (Hill et al., 1991).
(5) Deposition of hard tissue like dystrophic calcification or cartilage in the cyst wall of OKC is rare, and the presence of dentinlike tissue (Figure 2), even more rare, (7) can mimic other dentinoid-forming odontogenic cysts and tumors like calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor, odontoma, ameloblastic fibro-odontoma and adenomatoid odontogenic tumor.
In two cases of ameloblastoma arising in dentigerous cyst the staining was positive in areas showing ameloblastic features and the epithelial lining of dentigerous cyst showed negative staining.