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tending to ameliorate

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Kang et al., "Amelioratory effects of testosterone propionate supplement on behavioral, biochemical and morphological parameters in aged rats," Experimental Gerontology, vol.
Accordingly, TEI urges the IRS and Treasury to consider amelioratory changes to the Schedule as discussed in the balance of this letter.
To assess whether the amelioratory effects of intranasal Ptx pretreatment to SE rats was associated with the oxidative stress, LPO, MDA, and the ratio of GSH/GSSG in SN-VTA and Hip were analyzed.
In Announcement 89-98 (issued July 21, 1989), the IRS has announced its reconsideration of the transition procedures set forth in Revenue Procedure 89-16 and Revenue Procedure 89-17, relating to the deductibility, capitalization, and amortization of package design costs.(10) To date, however, the IRS has issued no amelioratory guidance.
(3) This amelioratory rule would seem especially appropriate in the case of taxpayers continually audited under the IRS's Coordinated Examination Program (where any necessary supplemental information can be made available on audit).
An amelioratory notice should be issued clarifying that Notice 89-84 does not apply to foreign sales corporations.