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tending to ameliorate

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In Cunningham, the SCC held that the Alberta Metis Settlement Act, RSA 2000, c M-14, was an ameliorative program protected by Charter s 15(2), because the exclusion of status Indians from formal membership in Metis settlements helped to respect the Metis' right to culture and the role of the Metis in defining themselves as a people.
The rationale of this study was to observe the ameliorative effect of Punica granatum on steroid's induced proximal and distal tubular dilatation in mice kidney.
(33) Section 15(2) may also be an appropriate place to consider community goals where a targeted ameliorative program is challenged.
The presence of sphagnum peat moss and soil in coal ash based plant growth media expressed ameliorative role reducing the presence of trace elements in the leachate.
However, as a further step, the ameliorative effect of the struvite recovered from anaerobically pretreated poultry manure wastewater on the various medicinal plants growth has not been fully investigated in the literature.
Moody's does not find these actions completely ameliorative however, and the rating agency augurs a widening gap between earned interest rates and interest rates implicit in pricing and assumptions.
Aubyn Gosse (history, University of the West Indies, Jamaica) explores early 19th century plantation management in Jamaica within the larger context of ameliorative reforms leading up to the final abolition of slavery in Jamaica and British colonies in 1833, plus reforms after abolition, such as the apprenticeship period and the actual emancipation of slaves in 1838.
Several reports on the condition of the archaeological remains were issued, and recommendations for ameliorative actions were broadly vetted.
Last, they discuss threats to validity, caveats, and ameliorative strategies for valid interpretations and uses of the time-indexed effect size.
The suffering endured by these six people seems ameliorative; they are learning in their pain.
"Our relationship with Pakistan has been complicated by the issue of terrorism and the need for Pakistan to take ameliorative action to eradicate terrorism against India," foreign secretary Nirupama Rao said last week.
Doubtless the implementation of Beveridge's recommendations had a vast impact on the less well off in our society, but was ameliorative rather than addressing the causes.
The progressive politics of community partnerships, then, might also be read as the ameliorative balm offered by universities for larger global capitalist logic.
And for the first time, the Supreme Court reads section 15(2) as more than an interpretive aid to section 15(1), allowing that it can insulate certain ameliorative programs from any kind of scrutiny under section 15(1).
The book also adds a new attitudinal variable, "security dilemma sensibility," which highlights the potentially ameliorative or transcending role of a neglected dimension in security dilemma theorizing: human agency.