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tending to ameliorate

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The court, however, asked Attorney General Khalid Jawed Khan to chair a meeting in his office by inviting Aitzaz Ahsan, the chief executive officer of the Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI), Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and other officers from the relevant departments to present proposals for ameliorating the water woes of the citizens.
He said Senate Standing Committee on Education have been formulated which will share its plan how to achieve MDGs in Pakistan, adding, this was a value addition by the parliamentarians for ameliorating education sector in Pakistan.
The scientists wrote in the journal Nature: "The ability to conduct gain-of-function experiments in the developing mammalian inner ear by gene transfer in utero (in the womb) may permit the design and functional assessment of gene therapies aimed at ameliorating hearing loss and vestibular dysfunction in mice that model human deafness and balance disorders.
(Cambridge, MA) has patented methods and compositions for modulating polyamine pathway activity as a means for ameliorating neurodegenarative disorders.
These policies have been important steps in ameliorating a national climate of fear among immigrant communities.
The challenge of institutions of higher education ameliorating the harm associated with high-risk student behavior is illuminated by a lawsuit claiming negligence by the University of Wisconsin--LaCrosse.
Thus, establishing the role of environmental exposure on poor pregnancy outcome, birth defects, and childhood cancers should be completely tractable, and importantly ameliorating effects of exposure is a realistic goal.
Phillip Carter and Paul Glastris's "The Case for the Draft" (March) is a valuable contribution to the debate over ameliorating the military "manpower crisis." I believe, however, that the conscription proposal and its alternative--the military or civilian service requirement for admission to a four-year college--need a lot of work before they might be practical.
Ameliorating cumulative fatigue may require the unlearning of certain learned behaviors that lead to burnout.
They invite other branches to join them in this work of ameliorating the conditions the U.S.
Mudelsee and his colleagues also estimated the ameliorating influence of reservoirs and other flood-control measures and found that they had little effect during large inundations.
The analysts recommended that the career counseling profession concentrate on 8 objectives: advancing theory that is more holistic, contextual, and multicultural; using accumulated research more effectively; focusing new research on the career counseling process; exploiting technology to construct new tools; ameliorating career counseling training; expanding the National Career Development Association's role; increasing advocacy about public policy; and fostering the international growth of the profession.
When such a component is elevated to a high policy level, it finally will be feasible to unify disparate approaches to preventing and ameliorating psychosocial problems and promoting wellness, thereby reducing fragmentation.
(3) In addition to ameliorating the counterproductive nature of the tax, the repeal of corporate AMT would have a salutary effect in reducing administrative burdens and costs comparable or greater in value than the foregone revenues.
The body of research regarding leisure, social support, and coping suggests that leisure is a potentially effective means of ameliorating those problems and creating opportunity for better health and well-being following TBI.