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an attacker who waits in a concealed position to launch a surprise attack

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However, the Ambusher is half-hidden underwater and the upper portion hides in scant cover, so it blends right in.
Although legislation is in place to protect against ambushing, significant extra costs are often incurred in protecting against it and spectators may be affected by policing of ambushers in venues or exclusion zones.
The new Inferno's ($499) limbs are slightly more parallel than those of the Ambusher 28, the riser a bit straighter.
Morgan's analysis is more helpful as he defines association ambush as occurring "where the advertiser misleads the public into thinking that the ambusher is an authorised partner .
Yes, there is the risk that there might be a secondary device on a time-delayed fuse, but in order to capture or destroy the enemy ambusher and keep him from doing this to another Coalition patrol, you must stay in the kill zone and accept this risk.
The Ambusher tree sticks made it easy, quick and quiet to hang the tree stand.
The only problem is that the ambusher has not paid to gain the prestigious association and the effect is to diminish the investment and reduce the value of the rights of official sponsors, partners and licensees.
Assuming that all is now clear of danger, the crow returns to be shot by the hidden ambusher.
It is important that when you dismount, the force clears the area where an ambusher could hide prior to clearing the suspicious item, bridge, overpass, or sign.
For the ambusher, on the other hand, ambush marketing is an important commercial tool and a natural result of free competition.
An ambusher at the observation point was evidently supposed to alert the trigger man at the battery when vehicles were in the kill zone, but for some reason was not ready when the lead vehicle approached.
Each chimp has a role, with a young driver, three blockers and an ambusher.
A change from thick forest to cooler grassland in North America transformed dogs from ambushers to hunters that chased their prey.