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an attacker who waits in a concealed position to launch a surprise attack

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However, the Ambusher is half-hidden underwater and the upper portion hides in scant cover, so it blends right in.
Although legislation is in place to protect against ambushing, significant extra costs are often incurred in protecting against it and spectators may be affected by policing of ambushers in venues or exclusion zones.
The new Inferno's ($499) limbs are slightly more parallel than those of the Ambusher 28, the riser a bit straighter.
Besides the element of surprise, the ambusher has the luxury of being able to site his own deployments and carefully prepare what is called the " kill zone".
Fourth, he is also a secret ambusher, murdering in secret like a serpent so that whoever is denounced may not know by whom he is denounced, and it pertains to this point because he requires the confidence of silence in order that he may not be revealed.
(45) Today, the situation is much-reversed as a result of American air assets: US "soldiers do not have to feel like they are sitting ducks for every ambusher or bombmaker.
Other than the more obvious breaches of copyright or trademark, legal action (or the threat of legal action) has been a limited deterrent when stacked against the ambusher's potential gain.
Unfortunately, these innovative, unorthodox tactics cannot be adequately combated by traditional legal means because there is generally no misrepresentation or deception taking place and there is nothing overtly or otherwise illegal about the ambusher's activities.
Time devoted a cover story to Moore's polemic (12 July 2004), in which Richard Corliss argued that the veteran agitator and 'Bush ambusher' makes 'noise, news and a new kind of political entertainment'.
While normal clients run from demanding (but reasonable) to demanding (but unreasonable), the ambusher populates a third genus, the true Client From Hell.
ambusher: "I can!" (Bush, "American!") [AMBUSHERICAN] [Can (may) `ambush' Iraq, eg.]
The different roles consist of a Driver, Chaser, Blocker, and Ambusher (at minimum).