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an attacker who waits in a concealed position to launch a surprise attack

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Besides, ambusher hunters, mainly represented by Thomisidae (67%) were registered solely for this system.
However, the Ambusher is half-hidden underwater and the upper portion hides in scant cover, so it blends right in.
Although legislation is in place to protect against ambushing, significant extra costs are often incurred in protecting against it and spectators may be affected by policing of ambushers in venues or exclusion zones.
The new Inferno's ($499) limbs are slightly more parallel than those of the Ambusher 28, the riser a bit straighter.
In this scenario, the ambusher may actually magnify, rather than harm, the sponsors' position.
While normal clients run from demanding (but reasonable) to demanding (but unreasonable), the ambusher populates a third genus, the true Client From Hell.
The different roles consist of a Driver, Chaser, Blocker, and Ambusher (at minimum).
In your memoir, Self-Consciousness, you write, "Life breeds punchers and counter-punchers, venturers like my father, and ambushers like me," that the venturer risks rebuff and defeat, and the ambusher risks fading away to nothing.
Daddy claimed that the card they gave the poor fellow read: "Here's hoping the Ambusher can finally hang up his guns
The brave officer engaged the terrorists till his last breath and shouted to his soldiers not to come towards him, as they would be in the line of fire of the ambusher.
Approaching that corner, he has been concerned the ambusher might be there waiting for him, and has visualized himself jamming the muzzle of his patrol rifle into the man's sternum.
Given the results presented earlier, it becomes essential for Organizing Committees to develop programs (sponsor recognition, PR) that will help the high interest consumers distinguish between the official sponsors and ambusher.