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Synonyms for ambush

Synonyms for ambush

an attack or stratagem for capturing or tricking an unsuspecting person

to attack suddenly and without warning

Synonyms for ambush

the act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise

wait in hiding to attack

hunt (quarry) by stalking and ambushing

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More than 150 suspected Pokot bandits from Tiaty constituency in Baringo ambushed and drove away animals," he said.
General Yekini said that none of the OPWS personnel was ambushed in any part of Benue, Nasarawa or Taraba States in the past several months.
Less than two weeks after the Dallas shootings, a man fatally ambushed three officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana July 17 because of a police-involved shooting of an unarmed black man in the city earlier that month.
Somalia's Al-Qaeda linked Shebab insurgents ambushed President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Tuesday, the militants said, claiming to have destroyed vehicles with rocket-propelled grenades.
K-Swiss ambushed rivals Adidas and Lacoste in a one-off guerrilla marketing ploy, setting up an enormous purple K-Swiss branded tennis ball on top of a crashed car, along a major route to Roland Garros.
Ghulam Nabi told Pajhwok Afghan News the soldiers were ambushed on their way to the district centre.
The patrol was on its way from Bangladoba in Chirang District of Assam to Ultapani in Kokrajhar District, when it was ambushed.
In the first phase Pervez Musharraf ambushed it, in the second phase PPP ambushed it and in the third phase Asma Jahangir was trying to ambush it.
One soldier was killed and six others were injured in the two separate assassination attempts in Lawadar where government troops are launching a military and security campaign against Al Qaida men who ambushed three military supply vehicles in Amain area close to Lawdar town earlier Friday.
Maulana Ameen was ambushed by unknown assailants ambushed in the Site Town Police Limits here.
Summary: Sana&'a, July 21, 2010, SPA --A source at the Supreme Security Committee said on Wednesday the Houthi Group had ambushed a Sheikh killing him, his son and four of his escorts in Saada Province.
Meanwhile, Colonel Mohammad Abdul Wali Thawaba survived an assassination attempt by separatists on Tuesday after being ambushed by a number of gunmen, AN NAHAR reported.
He also said an ambush is laid against an enemy, were these people attacking unity state civil population, government officials , why should they be ambushed by a governor, what did they do and why has it not been heard in the area from where the information about the incident was given out to the media.
Summary: A convoy carrying ballot papers and other material for next month's presidential election was ambushed by Taliban insurgents in west Afghanistan on Friday, officials said, with four soldiers