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Synonyms for ambuscade

an attack or stratagem for capturing or tricking an unsuspecting person


to attack suddenly and without warning

Synonyms for ambuscade

the act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise

wait in hiding to attack

References in classic literature ?
He picked twenty of his bravest warriors and placed them in ambuscade on one side the cloister, while on the opposite side he prepared a banquet.
She drew herself up, and stood behind a tree, like Robinson Crusoe in his ambuscade against the savages; so near to them that at a spring, and that no great one, she could have touched them both.
Yet it was remarkable that she sat as still as ever the amiable woman in ambuscade had seen her sit, at any period in her life.
She descended, in her shady ambuscade of green fan, to favour Mr and Mrs Meagles with a call.
When a few weeks later it was reported in the papers that Wilcox had been shot at from an ambuscade, it was an open secret that McMurdo was still at work upon his unfinished job.
The book also narrated Japanese soldiers' retaliations following ambuscades of Filipino guerrillas; and Captain Kengo Watanabe's order to execute 10 American civilians in Aklan's village in December 1943.
contending with one another in the capturing of forts [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] and in ambuscades [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] and in all forms of mimic warfare; in fact, they shall do literal fighting with balls and darts as nearly real as possible, although the points of the darts shall be made less dangerous, in order that their game of combat may not be completely devoid of fear [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]], but may provide terrors [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] and indicate to some extent who is strong-hearted [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] and who not.
But in spite of, or probably because of, the transfer of the security charge to the Afghan government, the Taliban have been emboldened to stage more ambuscades and suicide attacks, killing hundreds of Afghans, including civilians.
convoys and escorts; to plant ambuscades, and to put in practice every strategem for surprising or disturbing the enemy," wrote M.
The ABB was active in the late 1980s and used to conduct daring ambuscades on mostly abusive police and local officials.
Besides the hidden Snares laid in our Way, The sudden Deaths we hear of every Day, The Smoothest Paths have unseen Ambuscades, And Insecurity Security invades; For no Man knows what's the next Hour's Event, Man lives, as he does die, by Accident.
their natural ambuscades the sullen parental coitus.
Scuba and snorkling lessons are free, and so is the view: coconut groves, birght ambuscades of tropical flowers and a lawn as smooth and green as a fresh roll of Astroturf stretching all the way down to the beach.
In one of the ambuscades, a government ambulance was hit by an improvised explosive device explosion leaving four health workers wounded.
Landmining and use of IEDs which are usually followed by ambuscades are prohibited tactics long practiced by the NPA since the beginning of their armed violence," the AFP said as it pointed out that the use of landmines and IEDs have been prohibited under international law because such devices do not distinguish if the victims are combatants or civilians.