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Synonyms for surgery


Synonyms for surgery

a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

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Non-surgeon physicians sometimes have the ability to own the "means of production" related to their practice, similar to surgeons owning an ambulatory surgery center.
Ambar Mehta, M.D., from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and colleagues used data from six ambulatory surgery centers to characterize the impact of price transparency on a surgery center's patient volume, revenue, and patient satisfaction.
The number of freestanding ambulatory surgery centers (FSASCs) has grown rapidly over the past two decades, from 239 in 1983 to well over 3,300 in the 2000's.
"Pretty soon you're not going to have to go to Manhattan to have surgery, they'll go to our site in Cobble Hill, or NYU Lutheran, or other ambulatory surgery places being built in Brooklyn," said Lhota.
To mark the 30-year anniversary of Price's service, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to put his name on the Ambulatory Surgery Center, which he helped create not long after he took over the hospital.
A center of excellence, the facility will provide both ambulatory surgery and a simulation center.
The NuBOOM S is the third in the family of NuBOOM models, designed to meet the budgetary needs and technical requirements of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and office based surgery centers (OBLs).
Hospital officials said the decision to build an ambulatory surety center is the result of insurance industry practices that direct members to ambulatory surgery centers.
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is currently working to codify a series of regulations that would seriously limit the ability of Massachusetts ambulatory surgery centers, independent outpatient facilities, to provide vital procedures, such as cataract surgery and colonoscopies, at low cost to some of the commonwealth's most vulnerable populations.
Regional Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery: Patient Centered Outcomes and Health Economics 3.0.
At the inauguration of National conference on Ambulatory Surgery
For example, the National Center for Health Statistics, released a report titled "Ambulatory Surgery in the United States." Originally released in 2006, the report was revised in 2009 due to an error discovered in the processing of ambulatory surgery procedure data.
Data on the number of women undergoing these operations, broken down by age group, came from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample of 2007 and the National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery of 2006.
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