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the act of observing something (and sometimes keeping a record of it)

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At his presentation at the imec Technology Forum in July, Van den hove then cited--in addition to wearable ambulatory monitoring devices--diagnostics-on-chip technology.
The study's authors recommended ambulatory monitoring before starting a patient on treatment for hypertension.
If your blood pressure remains high despite medical therapy, ask your physician about ambulatory monitoring to determine if you have resistant hypertension or are experiencing the "white coat" effect.
One small sampling of topics turns up analyzing and simulating a new integrated printing and drying machine, indoor ambulatory monitoring for psycho-physiological and behavioral activity assessment, tooth contact analysis of planetary gear trains with equally spaced planets, the anti-friction effect of micro-deep holes for higher pair components, an optical fiber sensing technique for monitoring stray currents in coal mines, modeling and control of unmanned trimaran vehicles, elastic-plastic impact loads of steel spheres impacting on planes, and calculating the ballast water load of a semi-submersible barge.
Study leader Dr Alejandro de la Sierra, from the University of Barcelona in Spain, said: "Physicians should be encouraged to use ambulatory monitoring to confirm resistant hypertension in their patients as it would ensure the most effective treatment options are used.
In this study, Spanish researchers used 24-hour ambulatory monitoring to check the blood pressure of 69,045 patients with an average age 64 and diagnosed with hypertension.
Among the study's 201 patients, all of whom had been referred to a pediatric hypertension clinic at URMC's Golisano Children's Hospital, 101 actually had hypertension, or sustained high blood pressure, determined by 24-hour ambulatory monitoring or monitoring by a school nurse or at home.
Although this research did not find a significant decrease in blood pressure using 24-hour ambulatory monitoring, other results suggested that the consumption of grape juice might have a beneficial impact on hypertension.
Data show that measurements recorded at the same times and place each day are often lower than readings taken in the doctor's office and closer to the average BP recorded by 24-hour ambulatory monitoring, which is considered the gold standard.
The authors, all practitioners, focus on the needs of those who wish to augment their skills as well as students as they describe the role of the electrocardiographer in diagnosis and treatment, the cardiovascular system, the electrocardiograph (including details on the ECG waveform), the process of performing an ECG, interpretation and clinical significance, exercise electrocardiography and ambulatory monitoring.
Common electrocardiographic artifacts mimicking arrhythmias in ambulatory monitoring.
Examples include the company's enterprise-wide concept of flexible monitoring and its continuous ambulatory monitoring.
Only 1 of 41 patients who were normotensive on daytime ambulatory monitoring had hypertension on automated in-office testing.
A cautious endorsement of ambulatory monitoring and an emphasis on isolated systolic hypertension in the elderly are among the new items in the U.
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