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Synonyms for ambulatory

a covered walkway (as in a cloister)

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able to walk about


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Primary search terms used were ambulatory care, ambulatory care facilities, personnel staffing and scheduling, nursing staff, staffing patterns, staffing models, and patient intensity.
Who delivers the care on the ambulatory care units?
The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) is the unifying professional organization for registered nurses in diverse types of ambulatory care settings.
Nova Medical Centers, India's first multi-specialty standalone Ambulatory Surgery Group today inaugurated the 1st National Conference on Ambulatory Surgery and launched the Indian Society of Ambulatory Surgery [ISAS] in Bangalore.
In a study of 122 patients, measurements from an automated, in-office oscillometric device that obtained 10 valid blood pressure readings matched ambulatory blood pressure measurements closely enough that the in-office readings identified 40 out of 41 patients with white coat hypertension, said Dr.
Average systolic blood pressure readings in the 41 patients with white coat hypertension were 137 mm Hg by doctors' measurements, 133 mm Hgby nurses, 123 mm Hg by the automated device, and 121 mm Hg on ambulatory daytime monitoring.
The redesign of HHC's ambulatory care delivery system has been one of my highest priorities.
The comfort and safety of patients are key factors in the design of the ASC 2000 Ambulatory Surgical Care Table.
It was part of our commitment to expand ambulatory care with the transition of the hospital to an outpatient facility,'' assistant administrator Tim Moore said.
After many meetings, long delays and time-consuming negotiations, the hospital executives finally got to the bottom line: being the business people, they would control the operations of the proposed ambulatory care center.
Reflecting significant contributions to health care cost efficiencies, home HIV and cholesterol test kits, ambulatory peritoneal dialysis kits, custom open heart surgical kits and DNA-based in vitro diagnostic tests will provide the best growth prospects.
Automatic ambulatory blood pressure monitoring provides an alternative standard against which the accuracy of office BP measurements can be more readily assessed.
Wheelchair use increases mobility, not only for non-ambulatory residents, but also for some ambulatory residents who choose to use a wheelchair instead of walking due to their fear of falling.
TM] and meets CCHIT ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) criteria for 2006.
However, fiscal caps for hospital care and technological advances moved patients from inpatient venues into the ambulatory care setting.