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to go on foot

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walk about

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Subjects practiced ambulating with the LLPS during a minimum of 12 training sessions of 30 min scheduled at the subjects' convenience.
The patient stated experiencing difficulty advancing his right lower extremity forward and needed to stop ambulating.
Phase I part I consisted of the participants ambulating with a standard walker (SW) and a platform walker with wheels (PWW) for 2 minutes looking at the differences in heart rate (HR), respiratory rate (RR), and blood pressure (BP) (before and after walk).
Elizabeth Roth, President of Simply Rehab, further commented that "We have now assembled and begun testing a collection of improved predictive techniques for both the ambulating (walking) population and the propelling (wheelchair bound) population.
The pain became so severe he had difficulty ambulating.
If the suspected cause of the heel "blister" is the resident ambulating in the hallways, the most likely culprit would be the resident's shoe rubbing against her foot.
Based on a modified Bromage score to test for motor block, no significant differences in ambulating ability were found in the three test groups of patients with single vertex presentations at term who requested an epidural.
While ambulating or transferring the resident, the CNA notes what the resident can and cannot do independently.
The labeling results from a prospective clinical study, which demonstrated that 35 percent of patients ambulating in less than five minutes and the majority ambulating within 10 minutes.
In a population that uses ambulation aids such as canes, documenting gait accuracy of the monitoring device on different surfaces consistent with everyday mobility would be beneficial because gait patterns often change while ambulating over outdoor surfaces, including ramps and uneven terrain [25-27].
Options considered included staying in bed and no PT intervention, doing exercise in bed, getting out of bed to the chair without doing exercise or ambulation, getting out of bed to the chair and doing exercise, getting out of bed to the chair and ambulating, and getting out of bed to the chair, ambulating and doing exercise (see Table I).
Although the patient was ambulating independently at 11 months of age, the orthosis was ineffective in controlling the progression of equinovarus, resulting in the performance of a modified Syme amputation and the use of a prosthesis.
These methods provide no encircling support to the rib cage, are unavailable to the patient when ambulating, and provide no lateral support to stabilize the wound and prevent dehiscence.
Late sequelae of this syndrome include lymphedema, urinary incontinence, respiratory distress, difficulty ambulating, and difficulty with toileting.
It is imperative that health care providers assess a patient's motor strength before ambulating and that she not ambulate without assistance, Dr.