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Synonyms for ambulate

to go on foot

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walk about

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Physical examination at the time of blood collection was unremarkable, and the bird was perching and ambulating normally.
Electromyography profiles while ambulating in the powered exoskeleton systems may also be relevant to identify lower-limb muscle activation, which may be an important contributor to increases in energy expenditure in those with a partial zone of motor preservation [54].
She was ambulating with a cane, but unable to return to work.
The study shows no significant difference with cardiopulmonary parameters when ambulating with the standard walker (SW) versus the rolling walker (RW) with platforms.
At that time he was tolerating a regular diet, ambulating freely, and able to accomplish all his activities of daily living.
Ambulating back to his village he senses sap ascending a thicket of teak-- the unsullied sun at the nape of his neck.
1) A survey in India found that only about 50% to 70% were ambulating patients in the ICU, (2) which shows that there is underutilization of the rehabilitation program for patients in the ICU.
This occurs when the brain has to multitask and interpret both sounds and environmental stimuli while ambulating.
Therapy may be more functionally directed, because the therapist can work with residents on their daily tasks of eating, dressing, transfers, and ambulating within the home.
The rats with damaged spinal cords who received an injection of oxidized ATP were shown to recover much of their limb function, to the point of being able to walk again, ambulating effectively if not gracefully.
But even after the man-shaped spaceship adapts to ambulating, Murphy remains amusing as Dave does his best to mimic the expressions and understand the language of Earthlings.
That day, an unidentified person at the nursing home wrote that Gibson "required a wheelchair, side rails on her bed and that she needed 'Full Assist' as opposed to mere 'Supervision,' or 'Limited Assist' for eating, transferring, and ambulating.
Of note in the current study is that bodily pain was commonly reported by both ambulating youth with CP and typically developing youth.
With the outsole removed, there are no protruding parts, making it safer for residents who forget to attach the outsole before ambulating.