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to go on foot

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walk about

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The rate of the patients who were ambulating at household, decreased to 10 (27%) at discharge, while it was 21 (56.8%) at admission.
Research has shown that oxygen consumption decreases when ambulating with a reduced body weight.
Physical examination at the time of blood collection was unremarkable, and the bird was perching and ambulating normally.
In the group requiring assistance, continued practice may result in a reduction of V[O.sub.2] and HR while ambulating.
She was ambulating with a cane, but unable to return to work.
Earlier mobilization and ambulation, as potential predictors of LOS and DC disposition, were defined using two variables: number of postoperative days until first time standing with a physical therapist and number of postoperative days until first time ambulating with a physical therapist.
Studies have shown a link between increased heart rate and physical exertion seen in patients ambulating with assistive devices.
On postoperative day 2, most of them report needing only nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and say they are eating and ambulating well.
The majority of these injuries are a result of straining and overexertion while ambulating, repositioning, turning and transferring patients from stretcher to bed or bed to wheelchair.
After a couple of years of intense physiotherapy, strength started returning to his legs gradually and he started ambulating on a 'walker'.
After a several-month protracted and complicated hospital course, the patient successfully convalesced and was discharged home tolerating a general diet, ambulating, and able to accomplish his activities of daily living after a brief stay in an inpatient rehabilitation facility.
Ambulating back to his village he senses sap ascending a thicket of teak-- the unsullied sun at the nape of his neck.
(1) A survey in India found that only about 50% to 70% were ambulating patients in the ICU, (2) which shows that there is underutilization of the rehabilitation program for patients in the ICU.
This occurs when the brain has to multitask and interpret both sounds and environmental stimuli while ambulating. Since we cannot multitask well, being distracted may be a risk for injury in an environment where there are cars or trains.
Therapy may be more functionally directed, because the therapist can work with residents on their daily tasks of eating, dressing, transfers, and ambulating within the home.