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Synonyms for ambulate

to go on foot

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walk about

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Of the 13 patients assessed by functional studies, 1 paraplegic patient (patient 9) can ambulate with 2 crutches and knee braces with no physical assistance and 10 other patients can ambulate with walkers with or without braces with physical assistance.
While working with this patient, you note her hemodynamic and oxygen saturation response to exercise-when she ambulates with a slower gait speed, she has no major problems, but when she is allowed to ambulate at a gait speed that approximates normal, she usually desaturates.
Six currently use walkers, three use a cane, and one ambulates without support.
Nursing should be making sure all residents attend all appropriate activities and that each resident who is able ambulates to that activity.
Ambulatory-independent Ambulates with assistance Chair-bound/assistance to position Bedfast/Chair-fast, immobile