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to go on foot

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walk about

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In contrast to interpreting the present results as demonstrating that earlier ambulation (implying that not all patients were ambulated as soon as possible) results in shorter LOS and DC home, a plausible, alternate explanation is that the ability to ambulate earlier, as a marker of clinical status, is associated with the better outcomes.
5 m, WBQC, CGA 8 44 S Ambulated over 8 obstacles, box steps 45 S 53.
Patients in the study who received an ON-Q delivering a local anesthetic got effective pain relief and used significantly less narcotics, experienced an earlier return of bowel function and ambulated (were able to get up and move around) sooner than patients in the control group.
Subjects ambulated with the LLPS using parallel bars during the first three training sessions and trained with crutches from the fourth session onward, gradually building up speed and stamina.
By end of week 1 pt performed sit to stand with minimal/moderate assistance of 2 from recliner and ambulated 180 feet with 2 standing rest breaks with contact guard assistance of 2 using upper extremity support on TAH console.
One important reason relates to caregiving: Because residents are often older, frailer and more cognitively impaired than those living outside long-term care facilities, they might `give way' suddenly, without warning, when being transferred or ambulated.
In European clinical testing, patients were ambulated within one hour following diagnostic catheterizations and within six hours of interventional catheterizations.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved labeling includes clinical data that shows many diagnostic patients can be safely ambulated in less than 20 minutes and discharged one hour post-ambulation when a 6F Angio-Seal(TM) device is used.
Calibration trial ambulation was performed in a room such that each subject ambulated in one direction, around a table in a circle, at a given speed.
Prior to admission, she lived with her daughter in a two-story home and ambulated independently indoors and outdoors with a single point cane.
Phase II part I consisted of the participants ambulating with a SW and a PWW for 6 minutes and part II of Phase II, the same participants ambulated for 12 minutes instead of 6 minutes.
Clinical data collected from a 300-patient study conducted at eight sites demonstrated that the majority of patients who received an Angio- Seal device were ambulated within 1 hour following removal of the catheter sheath and that 87 percent of the patients were ambulated within 2 hours.
With the use of a rolling walker, she ambulated (10) feet, rested briefly in a chair, then walked another 20 feet, all with contact guard assistance and weight bearing as tolerated.