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to go on foot

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walk about

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Common clinical signs associated with metabolic bone disease in bird species are deformable beaks, sterna, and tibiotarsi; an inability to ambulate or fly; lower limb lameness and folding fractures of the tibiotarsi; and retained feather shafts.
The amount of assistance provided was determined as moderate, minimal, and no assistance and defined as follows: moderate assistance was when the trainer provided a substantial effort and verbal cues to maintain proper body positioning to enable the person to ambulate with the powered exoskeleton, minimal assistance was when the trainer provided a small effort and verbal cues to enable the participant to ambulate, and no assistance was when the participant could ambulate with no trainer assistance.
In contrast to interpreting the present results as demonstrating that earlier ambulation (implying that not all patients were ambulated as soon as possible) results in shorter LOS and DC home, a plausible, alternate explanation is that the ability to ambulate earlier, as a marker of clinical status, is associated with the better outcomes.
Percentage of mice showing weakness, hypo-activity or inability to ambulate post-treatment was also noted.
The patient continued to ambulate with a slightly hemiparetic gait pattern but advanced each leg independently in a reciprocal fashion.
Parents may be aware that listening with headphones can certainly cause hearing damage but the connection of distraction and impeded hearing may be not perceived as a risk to children who ambulate with headphones.
Residents are encouraged to ambulate from their rooms and sit in the dining room for meals.
She could independently ambulate with a walker and take as many as 10 steps at a time before she had to stop due to shortness of breath.
A "K" level assessment of the patient's capability and potential to ambulate is established.
Learning how to persuade a 7th-grade girl to change out of her stylish outfit and into gym clothes has prepared me to persuade the most stubborn patients to get out of bed and ambulate in the hallway.
Horowitz wherein the child would both ambulate and be placed in a bathtub to facilitate urination.
While working with this patient, you note her hemodynamic and oxygen saturation response to exercise-when she ambulates with a slower gait speed, she has no major problems, but when she is allowed to ambulate at a gait speed that approximates normal, she usually desaturates.
The ability to lessen the chance of sedentary complications, encouraging patients to ambulate sooner.
Over the next few days she underwent diagnostic evaluations but was encouraged by the medical staff to attempt to ambulate and to attend physical therapy sessions.
Patients can ambulate immediately after the procedure, with no limitations placed on their routine, Dr.