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to go on foot

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walk about

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They found that 15 patients (39.5%) were walking with an assistance, while 23 patients (60.5%) were able to ambulate without any support or assistance.
Finally, a higher proportion of patients who experienced a fall also required assistance to ambulate at discharge (75% vs 47%, P = .05).
Three hand-reared, 50-53-day-old, red-legged seriema (Cariama cristata) chicks were presented to the Saint Louis Zoo's veterinary hospital after keepers reported acute lameness and reluctance to ambulate. All 3 chicks were artificially incubated because the parents unexpectedly clutched during inclement weather.
All five high-attendance participants could now safely transfer from their wheelchair to a standing position by independently and then be handed a walker to safely ambulate to meals.
Small words like dongxi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII](stuff) are translated away; the very simple title zhenshi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (truth/true) becomes "Verite"; the word zoudong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (to walk around) becomes "ambulate." Translations of "Wild Sunflower," "An Ear of Grain," and other poems, which are written in very straightforward Chinese, employ inverted syntax and self-consciously poetic vocabulary.
"There is no difficulty in breathing and the patient is able to ambulate, eat, has flatus and bowel movement this morning," Joven Jeremius Tanchuco, chief medical officer of the Asian Hospital said in his medical report.
However, at present, a few classes of assistive devices are commercially available to enable these people to ambulate overground.
Affected animals often remain in sternal recumbency exhibit swimmer like movements at the time of trying to ambulate that are more pronounced on smooth surfaces.
Previous research has found that common physical therapy treatment frequency in the acute care setting is 5 to 7 days a week until the patient can safely ambulate in the halls independently or with supervision.
She recovered well and could ambulate by herself without using crutches.
Of the 13 patients assessed by functional studies, 1 paraplegic patient (patient 9) can ambulate with 2 crutches and knee braces with no physical assistance and 10 other patients can ambulate with walkers with or without braces with physical assistance.
It is also a living testimony to the pilgrims who ambulate this holy land, a circumstantiation of their ardent faith, and of their desire to be free from the samsaric cycles and of the karma that perpetually proples and nourishes the Dharma Path of the earth's ever-recurrent planetary rounds.
Weakness was recognized as hypoactivity, inability of mice to ambulate or sluggish movement when stimulated; anorexia was assessed by non-reduction of the weight of feed initially given or no indication of any feed consumption after weighing the actual amount of feed given before and after treatment, including the left over; and quality of feces.
The patient was discharged after 97 days and was able to ambulate 60.1 m with a WBQC, requiring only supervision of physical therapy personnel.