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to go on foot

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walk about

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All participants were provided with an in-depth explanation and visual examples of how to use the powered exoskeleton to ambulate.
The patient reported a modest relief of pain the evening following the procedure and she was able to ambulate with assistance.
They struggled to ambulate and eventually separated, exiting the stage arm-in-arm after some seductive interplay with a male passerby.
But joint replacement surgery generally alleviates pain in patients, which in turn could greatly improve their quality of life because they would be better able to ambulate and perform tasks of daily living.
The Judges' Award went to the Ambulate Walker by Horizon Plastics, Inc.
Currently, patients on liquid oxygen will use the reservoir to supply oxygen when they are non-ambulatory and fill their portables for use when they ambulate.
I wanted to embrace its mass, feel its gravity, ambulate its circumference.
Although 38 percent of those with an NLI below T9 had some recovery of LE function, only 5 percent recovered sufficient hip and knee strength to ambulate using conventional orthoses and crutches.
My patient learned to ambulate to the bathroom, bend at the knees and eat himself.
Much more than physicians, midwives offer women such options as light refreshment and room to ambulate during labor, encouragement of alternative labor positions, delayed cord clamping, unlimited family participation and no separation of mother and baby after birth.
Eventually he regained the ability to process the environment, and was able to talk and ambulate.
Twenty-fours following the procedure, the trial's patients began to ambulate and ultrasound testing revealed normal blood vessel flow.
is responding to healthcare providers across the country who see the significant benefit of the IVEA-patient-mobility equipment that makes it possible for one nurse to safely ambulate a patient.
The medium stiffness condition was defined as the stiffness the pilot subject perceived to be the easiest with which to ambulate from among those 10 settings.