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a vehicle that takes people to and from hospitals

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Shea and the intoxicated driver were both ambulanced to a rural emergency room--the "Lake Placid satellite branch of the Adirondack Medical Center" ("AMC").
"She had to be ambulanced to Ayr Hospital where she was thought to have taken a heart attack as a result of her reaction to the substances she seems to have taken.
911 is called and the patient is ambulanced to a hospital where, in absence of an Advance Directive, Five Wishes or a similar document, all interventions and tests are done immediately: It's really sad when, hours or days later, directives are located that may mandate the opposite of the care that was given.) Once POLST is completed and signed by both patient and physician, other physicians and health care providers must legally follow its instructions.
ER patients in need of hospital follow-up are ambulanced to the facility.
Evans jnr was quickly attended by medical staff and eventually ambulanced back to the weighing room, where he was reported to have sustained a bruised knee that may need an x-ray.
She added: "Patients in Connolly Hospital in need of MRI and other high-level diagnosis must be ambulanced from Blanchardstown to either Beaumont or the Mater.
"Are you telling me I was ambulanced to the hospital, sirens