ambulance chaser

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Synonyms for ambulance chaser

a person who practices law

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an unethical lawyer who incites accident victims to sue

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She must be the ultimate ambulance chaser every time she hears the siren, she thinks they're calling her name.
Konanykhin cannot put every ambulance chaser out of business, but the free online service which he's officially launching on May 11th, 2009 will surely make bad lawyering a bad business.
Overestimate the optimum angle of lean and you can end up flat on your back, your cranium smacked against a solid object and an ambulance chaser urging you to sign a claim against the chair manufacturer.
Back on the wards at St Margaret's, Anji solves a medical mystery and Beth plays a mischievous game with an ambulance chaser.
So, fans of the book (and there are a lot of them - ``A Civil Action'' has been an enduring best seller since it was published more than three years ago) instantly will realize that Zaillian has made Schlichtmann into more of a mercenary ambulance chaser than a man trying to juggle too many conflicting motivations.
Thomas described Cochran as a "racial ambulance chaser who may have 'broken ethical cannons'" He said that Cochran was not entitled to a cut of any award or settlement.
Titles such as Easy Money,Compo or Confessions of an Ambulance Chaser can hit the big screen.
Mr Brocklebank's lodger, Waylon Macaroon, was stopped by one such ambulance chaser who unfortunately asked: "Erm, have you had an accident?
Now if you just happened to use a handload to do this evil deed it won't even take a very bright ambulance chaser to paint you as the villain who crafted this superatomic dragon-slaying handload with the express purpose of inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on Mr.
A shooter who did mostly feature work for his or her newspaper is best - not the ambulance chaser.
As some unscrupulous individuals have taken advantage of the plight of our seafarers who met an accident, illness or death in the course of their service by exploiting the compensation system, our seafarers have fallen prey to an unfair scheme where ambulance chasers charge exorbitant fees, with the promise of huge monetary award, it states.
Lawyers and ambulance chasers were believed to be making a beeline for New Hampshire to see if they could manufacture a case against the estate of Frederick Trump for compensation for the suffering undergone by his son.
You do the city no favours and come across as small time and parochial ambulance chasers.
Our insurances are sky high because of them and none more so than here in the States where ambulance chasers were born.
What begins as a mystery surrounding the untimely demise of four different airliners quickly becomes an outright battle between conspiracy theory nutjobs, religious zealots, and self-interested ambulance chasers hoping to make a buck off others' tragedies.