ambulance chaser

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a person who practices law

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an unethical lawyer who incites accident victims to sue

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Scruggs has been demonized by Big Tobacco and Big HMOs as an ambulance chaser. But, according to Scruggs, this isn't about money.
Now if you just happened to use a handload to do this evil deed it won't even take a very bright ambulance chaser to paint you as the villain who crafted this superatomic dragon-slaying handload with the express purpose of inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on Mr.
(They'll want to bring in lights and such and give the image a 'manufactured' look.) A shooter who did mostly feature work for his or her newspaper is best - not the ambulance chaser. An extrovert is best.
He wants to sue them, but the only lawyer who will take on his case is a homophobic ambulance chaser. Drama, starring Tom Hanks.
This is the graceless language I recall in your report in 2005 describing human rights lawyer, Phil Shiner, as an "ambulance chaser" for trying to obtain compensation for Iraqi civilians killed or injured by British soldiers.
"These people went to an ambulance chaser for an attorney, and as though they were filling out a form to get the maximum amount of money they could, checked off every box possible.
West Midlands Ambulance Service has show its faith by buying two of the Brum-born estates as rapid response vehicles to attend emergency incidents - making the ZT-T a real-life ambulance chaser.
Surely that was reckless, and any decent ambulance chaser could get me a cheque for a few grand for loss of hard cash and damage to self-esteem.
While I'll not be sorry to say goodbye to the ambulance chaser who signed a potential victim up, I'd like to believe the legal system before The Accident Group will ensure those who deserve it are compensated.
Probably about as much as they understood the difference between my mom and an ambulance chaser.
Ted Kennedy denounced the administration's intervention as "shameful and divisive." Racial ambulance chaser Jesse Jackson accused the administration of having "the most closed-door civil rights policy in 50 years."
Len Murray, whose high- profile cases included Nazi war criminal Anton Gecas and Paul McCartney on a drugs rap, accuses Joe Beltrami of being a pompous publicity seeker and an ambulance chaser.
Like an ambulance chaser, SL would always rush to the scene of every mishap-
The story of the film revolves around a hard-charging female ambulance chaser whose mindset makes her the ideal candidate to be the face of a prestigious law firm when a powerful client is sued in a sexual discrimination case, reports Variety.