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one of the five areas on the undersurface of an echinoderm on which the tube feet are located

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En Africa, donde los esquemas mas difundidos se relacionan con una gran sala dividida en tres naves con ambulacrum y dos absides en cada lado corto, el tipo uniabsidado resulta bastante raro.
When looking down on the apical surface, the ocular plate adjacent to and clockwise from the madreporite is located at the top of ambulacrum II (All).
Both bare tests had a gently sloping aboral surface with the "high" side located arouud interambulacrum 3 (IA3) and the "low" side around ambulacrum I (AI, see Fig.
Number of pore pairs of the frontal ambulacrum enclosed in the internal fasciole.
Each ambulacrum and interambulacrum has an "adapical" end (at the apical system) and an "adoral" end (at the peristome).
The tube foot epithelium is covered by a thin cuticle continuous with that covering adjacent areas of the ambulacrum (See Engster and Brown, 1972, for details).
for movement with ambulacrum III anterior" (Durham 1966; Moore and