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pertaining to the ambulacra of radial echinoderms

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Over the next several days, the ambulacral furrow becomes distinct, while the larval body reduces, becoming vestigial.
Shape of the second ambulacral plate adjacent to the plastron (Ia2 or Vb2).
columbiana inserting its proboscis into the ambulacral groove of L.
This study also included measurements of ambulacral plate size in D.
We found it difficult to observe conspicuous changes in the behavior ofindividual Echinaster brasiliensis, hut in the aquaria they showed more intense movements of the ambulacral feet at night.
first plates in each of the five interambulacral and ambulacral plate
Total oral surface area (SA) was negatively allometric with arm length (AL) in five-armed bat stars but isometric in six-armed stars Conversely, ambulacral groove area (GA) varied isometrically with arm length in five-armed stars but exhibited positive allometry in six-armed stars.
Substratum-initiated crystals adhered primarily to the ambulacral groove of Odontaster validus near the tips of the arms, although a few sea stars also had ice plates on the aboral surface.
The interambulacral and ambulacral regions are labeled following Loven's system (Hyman, 1955).
Adult specimens were sacrificed and samples from the body wall (including radial nerve, longitudinal muscle, and ambulacral tube feet), tentacles, respiratory tree, hemal system, gonads, and digestive tract (esophagus, small intestine, and large intestine) were dissected and fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde at 4 [degrees]C for about 24 h.
The opening of the juvenile mouth soon followed, and the rudiment continued to develop; in each radius a first pair of ambulacral podia and a pair of buccal podia formed (Fig.
For instance, the ambulacral regions (where the tube foot rows are located), are composed of many small plates (one plate per tube foot).
Ambulacral fluid from starfish is sufficiently hyperosmotic to ambient seawater (about 6 mosmol [kg.
The radial nerves and the aquiferous tubes provide the primary organization of the ambulacral zone of the oral surface of the juvenile.
For ophiuroids, a piece of arm was used; for echinoids, a portion of test was taken from the ambulacral groove area.