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bushy herb of tropical Asia grown for its yellow or pink to scarlet blooms that resemble the hibiscus

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Vanilla and incense emerge over ambrette (a natural musk-like perfume material made from plant seeds) and undefined "animalic notes." These are not the heavy doses of civet or castoreum one might have expected.
Photo allergens After radiation Tetrachloro salicylanilide + Chlorhexidine + Triclosan + Methylcoumarin + Musk ambrette + Thiourea + Isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate + Ethylhexyl p-methoxycinnamate + Benzophenone 4 + Oxybenzone + 4-tert-butyl-4'-methoxy-dibenzoylmethane + Benzydamine + Sulfanilamide + Chlorpromazine + Promethazine + Hydrochlorothiazide + Carbamazepine + Piroxicam + Lichen acid mix + P-aminobenzoic acid + + = positive irradiated photo-epicutaneous test Discussion
It has top notes of pear combined with the exotic and musky Ambrette seeds.
Abelmoschus moschatus (Kasturidana in Bengali, Ambrette in English) is an herbaceous trailing plant of tropical and subtropical countries.
dyes like D and C Red 31 and 17, lemon oil and geraniol in face powders and musk ambrette in incense etc.
PUNDIT Chiles at Heathrow ON HIS WAY Hansen leaves THREE LIONS Abandoned cubs at a park near Rustenburg MANE STRIKER Lion shows great ball control at Port Lympne ROO-NEIGH Ambrette Absolute near Petersfield, Hants shows his skills IN STRIPES Tiger Mukti in Myrtle Beach, California CHEERS South African team parade through streets SECURITY Heathrow officer checks for hooligans LOUD AND PROUD Welcome at Tambo Airport, Johannesburg BLOWN AWAY Paul enjoys arriving in SA yesterday
Its Eros fragrance combines the heady scents of "heated skin, ambrette seed and cordova leather," and the packaging is darkly sensuous with its oversized satin ribbon and embossing.
Love Herbs: (see also Fragrance) Ambrette, Lovage, Mint, Rose, Rosemary, Sage, Savory, Sandalwood
Musk ambrette, a scent popular for aftershave lotions, is one such "photoallergens."
The second, Velvet Cream accord, is billed as a blend of Madagascar vanilla, ambrette, vetiver, patchouli magnolia flower and jasmine.
As well as the traditional whelks and cockles stalls TRAVEL INFORMATION and excellent fish bars The Ambrette Indian restaurant is a surprising jewel in the culinary crown of Margate.
Especially Escada has top notes of pear combined with exotic and musky ambrette seeds.
Fragrances have long contained several neurotoxic compounds such as musk ambrette (Spencer et al.
Finally, the background of the fragrance warms with enveloping blonde woods, iris notes, ambrette seed and crystalline musks.