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mottled curly-grained wood of Pterocarpus indicus

tree native to southeastern Asia having reddish wood with a mottled or striped black grain

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Our lineup here, reading from left to right, would be red cocobolo, yellow camel bone, everygreen camo dymond-wood (with Viper checkering), red/black cocobolo with Kimber-style Solo checkering, black/blue G10 with SGM Western checkering, medium-dark amboyna burl with Kimber-style Solo checkering and the ones on the gun are multicolor aged camel bone.
One of an important pair of Louis XVI style gilt bronze amboyna centre tables by Francois Linke, which sold for 2.
One of a pair of Louis XVI style gilt bronze amboyna centre tables by Francois Linke, which sold for 2.
Raman's discussion is digressive and wide-ranging, covering a variety of contexts, texts, and locations, beginning with Columbus in the New World and going as far as Dryden's 1673 play Amboyna and the Anglo-Dutch wars of that era.
Also new is the Miyabi 600MC Morimoto Edition - 8-inch Chef's Knife blade, which has exceptional sharpness and cutting edge retention and features a Amboyna Burl wood handle.
And Dryden's Amboyna, or the Cruelties of the Dutch to the English Merchants is read in the context of the Anglo-Dutch War (1672-1674).
They include: African padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii), Andaman padauk (Pterocarpus dalbergiodes), Angola padauk or muninga, kiaat (Pterocarpus angolensis), Burmese padauk (Pteropcarpus macrocarpus), narra/narrah and its burl amboyna (Pterocarpus indicus), and sandalwood padauk (Pterocarpus santalinus).
The Morimoto 600 MC series features handles made from Amboyna Wood from southeastern Asia.
The Dark and Bright 'Engine Spin' aluminium options provide a contrast with darker and lighter hide colour choices and a special, limited-edition Amboyna veneer reserved for solely for Series 51.
Three years later, a VOC fleet captured the Portuguese enclaves of Tidore and Amboyna in the Moluccas Islands, establishing a Dutch presence in the region.
1) The only larger grant that year was of 2,274 [pounds sterling] to the BFBS'S branch in Amboyna for g,000 Malay New Testaments.
The first recorded arrival of free Muslims, known as Mardyckers, was in 1658 from Amboyna, an Indonesian island in the southern Moluccas.
John Dryden's aggrandizing dramatic portrait of English national identity, Amboyna (1672), produced on the eve of the Third Dutch War, "insistently turns complex economic and political rivalries into straightforward problems of morality" (164), demonizing Dutch rivals and their trade dominance, the dynamics of which Markley cannily analyzes in chapter 4.
Also included in the furniture section is a fine inlaid amboyna, walnut and parcel gilt breakfront side cabinet by the renowned firm of Gillow & Co, Lancester, also estimated at pounds 4,000/6,000 and a large Victorian extending dining table which, with the provision of extra leaves, would extend to 15ft
19) See Orr, Empire on the English Stage, and her helpful reading of Dryden's play Amboyna, which focuses on the jarring that occurs when "low" merchants and a "sordid and brutal story of colonial commercial competition" are represented in the "high" conventions of heroic drama (157).