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Synonyms for amboyna

mottled curly-grained wood of Pterocarpus indicus

tree native to southeastern Asia having reddish wood with a mottled or striped black grain

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Many of our customers select it for use with woods like walnut and curly maple or with narrah and amboyna burl.
Three years later, a VOC fleet captured the Portuguese enclaves of Tidore and Amboyna in the Moluccas Islands, establishing a Dutch presence in the region.
The first recorded arrival of free Muslims, known as Mardyckers, was in 1658 from Amboyna, an Indonesian island in the southern Moluccas.
John Dryden's aggrandizing dramatic portrait of English national identity, Amboyna (1672), produced on the eve of the Third Dutch War, "insistently turns complex economic and political rivalries into straightforward problems of morality" (164), demonizing Dutch rivals and their trade dominance, the dynamics of which Markley cannily analyzes in chapter 4.
Also included in the furniture section is a fine inlaid amboyna, walnut and parcel gilt breakfront side cabinet by the renowned firm of Gillow & Co, Lancester, also estimated at pounds 4,000/6,000 and a large Victorian extending dining table which, with the provision of extra leaves, would extend to 15ft
The interior is outfitted with the finest materials available, including hand-fitted Grand Nappa leather, nubuck leather trim, Alcantara-trimmed headliner and pillars, deep-nap velour carpeting and a choice of three fine woods -- cherry, amboyna or walnut.
19) See Orr, Empire on the English Stage, and her helpful reading of Dryden's play Amboyna, which focuses on the jarring that occurs when "low" merchants and a "sordid and brutal story of colonial commercial competition" are represented in the "high" conventions of heroic drama (157).
The 18th Earl of Derby exchanged his Amboyna, a Bois Roussel half-sister to Alycidon, for Elisabeth Couturie's Gradisca, whose dam was a half-sister to the noted sire Rialto.
Napa leather, nubuck leather, suede and everything from cherry to burl walnut to amboyna wood can be specified during the ordering process.
There is perhaps no spot in the world richer in marine productions, corals, shells and fishes, than the harbour of Amboyna.
A few sales of Amboyna cloves reported at an advance of 20 cents on the Company's last sale prices.
His company deals mainly with the hard-to-find veneers, including amboyna burl and thuya burl.
The base is made of rippled walnut and amboyna, inset with marquetry of acanthus in satinwood (sand-burnt for three-dimensional effect), which was done by a Welsh firm, Anita Marquetry.
Three wood trims are offered: cherry, burl walnut and amboyna, a reddish-brown species from Indonesia.
The chapter on Dryden's Amboyna offers a more convincing account of how the seventeenth-century English theater stages India and "converts it into nature, into the trade wind that is to blow the English colonialists onto English shores they alone were destined to possess" (236).