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Synonyms for amboyna

mottled curly-grained wood of Pterocarpus indicus

tree native to southeastern Asia having reddish wood with a mottled or striped black grain

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There are the "Salumpwet Pang Tatluhan" (premium), the 1998 "Duyan" of narra, "Tumba-Tumba" (premium) since 2013, "Bangko ni Benru" since 2007, "Silya ni Benru" since 2007, and "Habagat" of 2005, again of amboyna buri, with a curved solid backrest.
(1) Commodore Reef, (2) Amboyna Cay, (3) Southwest Shoal, (4) Ardasier Breaker, (5) Gloucestere Breakers, (6) Mariveles Reef, (7) Barque Canada Reef, (8) Lizzie Weber Reef, (9) Northeast Shoal, (10) Glasgow Shoal and (11) North Viper Shoal.
Further down the letter, in lines 32-46, Carey mentions an opportunity he had for sending Jabez to Amboyna and how he is still deciding where to send Jonathan.
Some of the islets and rocks that Vietnam keeps in the Spratlys include Amboyna Cay, Collins Reef, Ladd Reef, Namyit Island, Sand Cay, Sin Cowe Island and Southwest Cay.
Never afraid to experiment with new or unusual materials, Lauren looked to the dashboard of his 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe, one of only four such cars in the world, when he endowed the Automotive with a hand-finished amboyna burl wood bezel.
In the 17th century, however, trade with New World colonies introduced to Europe a variety of more exotic woods, including ebony, amboyna, and rosewood, and materials such as tortoiseshell and ivory.
The elegant, handsome art deco suite of burr amboyna and ivory bedroom furniture here of 1922-25 is signed by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann and had belonged to Marcel Wolfers' wife Clairette (Fig.
Two other features claimed by Malaysia--Pulau Amboyna Kecil (Amboyna Cay) and Terumbu Laksamana (Commodore Reef)--are occupied by Vietnam and the Philippines respectively.
Amboyna burl comes from narra and padauk trees (Pterocarpus indicus of the Family Fabaceae).
1526), Camoes's Os Lusiadas (1572), Linschoten's Itinerario (1596),Argensola's Conquista (1609), Fletcher's Island Princess (1621), Head's English Rogue (1665), and Dryden's Amboyna (1673).
Our lineup here, reading from left to right, would be red cocobolo, yellow camel bone, everygreen camo dymond-wood (with Viper checkering), red/black cocobolo with Kimber-style Solo checkering, black/blue G10 with SGM Western checkering, medium-dark amboyna burl with Kimber-style Solo checkering and the ones on the gun are multicolor aged camel bone.
One of a pair of Louis XVI style gilt bronze amboyna centre tables by Francois Linke, which sold for 2.3 million yuan (PS243,907
One of an important pair of Louis XVI style gilt bronze amboyna centre tables by Francois Linke, which sold for 2.3 million yuan (PS243,907
Raman's discussion is digressive and wide-ranging, covering a variety of contexts, texts, and locations, beginning with Columbus in the New World and going as far as Dryden's 1673 play Amboyna and the Anglo-Dutch wars of that era.
Also new is the Miyabi 600MC Morimoto Edition - 8-inch Chef's Knife blade, which has exceptional sharpness and cutting edge retention and features a Amboyna Burl wood handle.