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Synonyms for amboyna

mottled curly-grained wood of Pterocarpus indicus

tree native to southeastern Asia having reddish wood with a mottled or striped black grain

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Ambon -- In February 2004, the bishop of Amboina appealed for funds to help refugees in the post-civil war society.
Francis Xavier Cathedral Church said that the April 3 explosion in Ambon, capital of strife-torn Maluku province, "took place in a Christian area near Amboina Hotel.
A motorcycle was burned in the explosion, which also damaged a newsstand and broke window panes in the six-story Amboina Hotel.
Name of company Location Status New projects PT Natuna Windu Sambas, PMA Lestari West Kalimantan PT Windu Kuala Pontianak, PMA Lestari West Kalimantan PT Hasil Tambak Amboina Central Maluku, Maluku PMDN PT Anugrah Tambak Deli Serdang, PMDN Perkasaindo North Sumatra PT Central Sari Banggai, PMDN Windu Central Sulawesi PT Triwindu Graha M.
For example, Gerrit Knaap's chapter on seventeenth-century Amboina makes an important first step in relating a wealth of information about Amboinese society, especially gender relations, to an English-reading audience.
12, and a Catholic housing complex of 30 houses was burned down, forcing the occupants to seek refuge at the pastoral center of Amboina.
Name of company Location Line of business Aproval 1997 PT Anugrah Tambak Deli Serdang, Shrimp breeding Perkasindo North Sumatra PT Biak Minajaya Irian Jaya Fishing and fish cannery PT Central Sari Windu Banggai, Central Shrimp breeding PT Gapura Minalestari Maluku Fishing & fish freezing PT Hasil Tambak Maluku Shrimp and Amboina fish ponds PT Kosuma Mutiara Dompu, West Pearl culture Nusa Tenggara PT Natuna Inti Makmur Sambas, west Shrimp breeding Kalimantan PT Triwindu Graha Serang, West Shrimp breeding Manunggal Java Aproval 1998 PT Delta Guna Sukses Jember, Shrimp breeding East Java PT Mutiara Andora East Flores, Pearl culture East Nusa Tenggara Name of company Capacity Operational Investment (US$ '000) Aproval 1997 PT Anugrah Tambak Shrimp - 7,680 2000 24,300.
Last night (Thursday), the military on patrol announced that nobody is allowed to go outside after midnight or they will be arrested,'' Nely Rawung, an official at the Molucca Diocese of Amboina in Ambon, told Kyodo News by telephone.
Grotius mentions a number of other brushes with the Spanish off the coast of the Canary Islands and with the Portuguese in Bantam, Amboina, Ternate and elsewhere; see also the Sentence of the Amsterdam Admiralty Board, dated 9 September 1604, in DJP, p.
Of these five projects, the largest in terms of investment commitments is PT Hasil Tambak Amboina of the Jayanti Group (Rp 775.