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visual impairment without apparent organic pathology

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From this point of view, although amblyopic eyes have a longer axial length, this difference failed to reach statistical significance.
A total of 15 articles including data from a total of 213 amblyopic eyes were considered: LASIK in 95 eyes and surface ablation in 118 eyes.
Surgical correction of permatent exotropia outcomes in amblyopic and non-amblyopic patients.
Comparison of normal and amblyopic retinas by optical coherence tomography in children.
Each row contains five letters, reducing the concerns about letter memorisation that occurred with low vision patients, or non-uniform crowding when assessing amblyopic patients using the Snellen chart.
Amblyopia poses an important socioeconomic problem especially as the amblyopic patients turning blind are significantly higher than general population.
Eye with no visual potential, for example, an amblyopic eye
Ms Bowers said: "I was amazed at the early results of the binocular (no patching) response to adult amblyopia treatment, where the signal to the brain in the non amblyopic is suppressed down by neutral density filters.
Purpose: To study pupil diameter differences between amblyopic and fellow eyes in anisometropic amblyopia.
Significant amblyopia--in cases where the best corrected acuity of the amblyopic eye is less than 6/12, treatment of the other eye may be contraindicated.
This reflects the fact that if you don't become amblyopic in early childhood, it is not a condition you will acquire later.
The importance of optical correction in treating amblyopia has been known for over 50 years (14) and recently it has been shown that amblyopic children improve on average by 2.