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visual impairment without apparent organic pathology

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Amblyopia is described as a developmental disorder of vision.
Although amblyopia is often known as 'lazy eye' the impairment in vision is due to abnormal development within visual areas of the brain, not a defect of the eye," Dr.
Mild forms of amblyopia such as "lazy eye" result in problems with depth perception.
Their findings, which appear in the most recent issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, shed additional light on how amblyopia results from disrupted links between the brain and normal visual processing.
She should have either been treated for her condition of amblyopia, or she should have been referred for assessment to a GP.
Kids with amblyopia usually have a lazy eye that reads down to only the middle of the chart.
Early eye exams are important because they can detect problems such as amblyopia that won't necessarily be caught at vision screenings conducted by pediatricians, Marusich said.
With her career-spanning experience in successfully treating amblyopic children, IdeaBus created the first ever amblyopia and vision correctional assistance software "Captain Lazy Eye" on iPad.
Since children with amblyopia often do not show any noticeable signs or symptoms, amblyopia can go undiagnosed and lead to permanent vision loss.
The world-first experiments to cure amblyopia by playing Tetris, the game that requires skilful construction of different colored blocks, were devised at the University of Auckland's Centre for Brain Research, in collaboration with a team from Canada's McGill University, Xinhua Reported.
As a comparison, a second group of nine volunteers with amblyopia wore similar goggles, but with their good eye covered, they watched the game through their lazy eye only.
Washington, February 15 ( ANI ): Turning out the lights may help restore vision in people with a visual impairment known as amblyopia, according to a new study.
Papers include an introduction to the basic science and technology and their applications in microperimetry, principles of fundus perimetry, including scanning laser and liquid crystal display microperimetry, clinical applications of fundus perimetry, including its relation to optical coherence tomography and fundus autoflorescence, macular diseases including those related to age, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, amblyopia, applications in low vision, including rehabilitation, and technical insights into the interpretation of automatic microperimetry.
Not because I was into pirates, but because I had one weak eye and one strong eye, an ailment known as amblyopia.
Despite the best efforts of doctors and therapy to treat the amblyopia - commonly known as ``lazy eye'' - Zina rarely uses her weak right eye.