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a white or grey mineral consisting of lithium aluminum phosphate

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Phosphate minerals include primary lithiophilite, triphylite, and amblygonite, and numerous alteration products including hureaulite, purpurite, and sicklerite.
Other minerals found included dark blue fibrous tourmaline, columbite-tantalite group minerals, phosphates including apatite crystals and massive lithiophilite and amblygonite, and very attractive clusters of albite (var.
Other pegmatites and greisen have yielded beryl up to 15 cm in association with lepidolite, pollucite, amblygonite, spodumene and topaz.
Amblygonite and other lithium-bearing minerals are reported to occur in seven different pegmatites and pegmatite groups including the Muiane-Naipa group, the Piteia-Nahia-Mirrucue group, the Murropoci-Nuaparra group, the Morrua pegmatite and the Marropino pegmatite (DSGM, 1974).
More than 150 pegmatite bodies have been worked in the area for minerals such as amblygonite, brazilianite, beryl (as beryllium ore and as gem-grade heliodor, aquamarine and morganite), columbite-tantalite, colorless and smoky quartz, spodumene (as lithium ore and as gem-grade kunzite), and gem-quality tourmaline.
a sharp, fist-sized, loose yellow amblygonite crystal from Maine) which fairly yank the dusty museum air right back out of one's lungs.
From Denver I also wrote that loose fishtail twins of pale yellow, gemmy amblygonite from "Linopolis" seemed suddenly to be all over the place, and every last one was seriously chipped on the thin edges.
A much more prolific new Brazilian occurrence is a large strike of loose, twinned, often large, sometimes semi-gemmy, pale yellow amblygonite crystals from near Linopolis, Minas Gerais.
New, to the East Coast, at least, were the amblygonite crystals from Laranjeiras, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
One or more pods or local units in a schorl-bearing pegmatite proved to contain, among other things, lumps of pollucite, also elbaite, petalite and amblygonite, and as rare accessory minerals a few lumps of allemontite with native arsenic.