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(psychology) a balanced disposition intermediate between extroversion and introversion

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Nine signs that you're an ambivert. Forbes [Internet].
Forget introverts versus extrovert, ambiverts might have an edge in business.
If you fall somewhere in between, you're probably an ambivert.
Among extravert dimension, 62% of females (n=18) were ambiverts & 20.7% (n=6) highly extravert Patients in the age group between 26-35 contributed 44% of introverts and patients in the age group of 36-45 constituted 50% of highly neurotic & 48.50% ambivert personality profile.
A new study has found that "ambiverts," people who are neither introverted nor extraverted but who fall somewhere in between, tend to be the most effective salespeople.
No matter how much it hurts, my goal is to be an ambivert. Granted, the meetings might be a little quiet to start.
I later in life found out about very interesting theories on introverts, extraverts and ambiverts as a mix of the two and that genetics has a lot to say about the tendencies within us, the conclusion being that what makes us being different is the place we take our energy from and how we reboot our brain activity: introverts use to spend their time alone and tend to be creative, whilst the extraverts gather their energy through the interaction with other people, often showing their charm and charisma every chance they get.
The 25% of the group with the highest score for extraversion on a test of personality traits formed the extrovert group, the 25% with the lowest score for extraversion became the introvert group, and we labeled as ambiverts (people who have introvert and extrovert traits, but in balance) the 50% in between, who had neither very high nor very low scores for extraversion.
At this point, we reflect on Super's (1993) admonition that counselors should be ambiverts "who turn either way or to any point on the compass and meet client needs" (p.
Robinson's theory offers a clear hypothesis to test; ambiverts (intermediate resting arousal levels) will record significantly better IQs.
According to my theory, which has now received considerable experimental support,(13) extraverts have a cortex characterized by a low level of arousal, introverts have a cortex characterized by a high level of arousal, with ambiverts having a normal level.
d ypes Lothian Buses, who will operate the trams, drivers who are too grumpy and withdrawn over-familiar will create a bad impression on visitors fear wn or sitors and commuters to the Instead they want recruit a squad ambiverts - people who just right.
"Ambiverts" are those of us who are moderately comfortable to with groups and social interaction but who also enjoy time alone, away from crowds.
More recently, a third category has been added named 'Ambiverts' who sit in between the introverts and extroverts spectrum of social interaction.