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uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow

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As well as the insecure internal working model of attachment, ambivalently attached children may be afraid that they will experience negative social interaction outside the family.
Where Rider Haggard produces an ambivalently queer imperialism, conflating Ayesha with Victoria in ways that "collapse" the hearts of Africa and Britain into each other (95), Le Fanu and Marryat's ambivalence toward their vampiric creations are seen as "epitomiz[ing] the conflicted sentiments and struggles of a multifaceted and ever growing multicultural Britain" (97).
The products Malone and Walker promoted were viewed ambivalently by some black leaders who felt that efforts to lighten skin and straighten hair were accommodating white ideals of beauty.
The narrative's admonitions do not seem to be retrogressive as the two faces of life are ambivalently fused together in a whole whose moderate totality is essential for moral and psychic health.
Like many works of the Nouvelle Vague (with which Malle is somewhat ambivalently associated) "Atlantic City" does seem dated.
Although the Manggarai are now Catholic, they still ambivalently perform agricultural rituals to converse with and placate spirits in what she calls 'conversations with the environment' and she provides some examples of how the environment is spoken of as animated.
While Davutoy-lu argued that the security package will not be an obstacle to the settlement process, he called on the HDP not to act ambivalently as it had done in certain instances, referring to the Oct.
There is even a cousin; not as ambivalently gendered as George, but equally surly and unwelcoming.
Going to the next issue, what exactly is "the development of an air cargo security system?" This item was approached with the regurgitation of provisions of Annex 9 (facilitation) to the Chicago Convention and an Assembly Resolution pertaining to aviation security, which again ambivalently asks for cooperation.
There are three things in life that you should never do ambivalently: get married, buy a house or go to war.
While Careem ambivalently said they were competing quite well against Uber in Dubai, Uber shirked the topic, saying only that competition was a good thing.
We still explain HIV through military terms, like "invasion" of our defense system, but we also ambivalently classify it as a disease of the effeminate.
For most of that year, Gaelle was pregnant, albeit ambivalently so.
Paisley typically answered ambivalently to the effect that he would have reached for a cane and then, laughing, said the pair would have been welcome in his home.
Yet Mansfield, like other women artists whom Zimring discusses, ambivalently represents social dance in her fiction; women can experience only a circumscribed emancipation as they temporarily dissolve into the group dance but remain contained within the conventions of the ball.