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uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow

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It has previously been found that ambivalently attached children who develop expectations of the self as helpless and incompetent at an early stage of childhood may remain passive and wary when exploring and interacting with the social world outside the family (B.
While Davutoy-lu argued that the security package will not be an obstacle to the settlement process, he called on the HDP not to act ambivalently as it had done in certain instances, referring to the Oct.
There is even a cousin; not as ambivalently gendered as George, but equally surly and unwelcoming.
This item was approached with the regurgitation of provisions of Annex 9 (facilitation) to the Chicago Convention and an Assembly Resolution pertaining to aviation security, which again ambivalently asks for cooperation.
While Careem ambivalently said they were competing quite well against Uber in Dubai, Uber shirked the topic, saying only that competition was a good thing.
We still explain HIV through military terms, like "invasion" of our defense system, but we also ambivalently classify it as a disease of the effeminate.
For most of that year, Gaelle was pregnant, albeit ambivalently so.
Paisley typically answered ambivalently to the effect that he would have reached for a cane and then, laughing, said the pair would have been welcome in his home.
Yet Mansfield, like other women artists whom Zimring discusses, ambivalently represents social dance in her fiction; women can experience only a circumscribed emancipation as they temporarily dissolve into the group dance but remain contained within the conventions of the ball.
Loya shapes a provocative image of Liszt that is not so much cosmopolitan--that is, ambivalently vet still hierarchically assimilative--as it is transcultural, a concept which resists "the dichotomies (and implicitly Eurocentric) terms 'acculturation' (culture acquisition on the dominant culture's terms) and 'deculturation' (loss of culture)" (p.
When she writes that "a variety of Jewish masculine differences may indeed have empowered and distinguished the Jewish man, but ambivalently, and at a cost to his sexual (self) image" (p.
An insightful account of a revolution televised, and even advertised, Larrain's film stirringly documents an important turn in Chilean politics even as it ambivalently marks a shift in public consciousness about politics through broadcast media--history as an image on a TV screen.
She ambivalently consented and I grabbed the envelope.
Part 2 focuses on the multidisciplinary aspects of colonial mission, exploring the "missionary self" ambivalently perched between enlightenment and empire, between teacher and scholar, and produced by the missionary history of Protestantism.
Beguilingly simple, relaxed in its mastery and enhanced by Isabelle Huppert's impeccable poise, helmer-writer Hong Sang-soo's ambivalently titled "In Another Country" plays like the flipside of his Paris-set "Night and Day.