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uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow

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The researchers found that among couples where both spouses felt ambivalent toward the other, there was significantly more calcium buildup in the arteries.
It's intriguing to note that The Ambivalent Memoirist began as an autobiographical writing blog ("Finding My Place Through Writing and Teaching") documenting the author's process of using the cathartic writing process to evolve in her own life and career.
In his Friday sermon at Aisha Umm Al Muminin Mosque in Hidd, Dr Al Mahmood warned that the US could pursue the same ambivalent policies in Bahrain.
And he looks to hold a very good chance of bringing up the hat-trick with Ambivalent.
So, like a person who is torn by ambivalent desires, Erdoy-an's seemingly mutually exclusive in direction statements followed each other.
Winner of one of her two juvenile runs last term, Ambivalent made a victorious start to her 2012 campaign in a Nottingham handicap back in June.
However Ambivalent (9-2) buckled down well under Andrea Atzeni to score by a length and a half from Set To Music.
argues that the cultural history of Bengal (comprised of West Bengal in India and Bangladesh) has left it in a state of ambivalent modernization, or pursuit of modernization accompanied by resistance to modernization.
Prospective assessment of pregnancy intention as a multidimensional concept may increase health care providers' ability to identify women who are ambivalent toward pregnancy and to tailor contraceptive and preconception messages to improve population-level pregnancy outcomes.
Among respondents who experience low intensity of the sense of life 53% have a high level of self-acceptance, 33% have an ambivalent attitude to self-acceptance and 14% lacked self- acceptance (Fig.
This would explain his ambivalent attitude to Wales and the Welsh, and why he sees himself as the hammer of the nationalists.
Any college-level collection strong in Canada history in general and US-Canada relations in particular thus needs Canada and the United States: Ambivalent Allies, a 4th updated edition extensively rewritten and updated to reflect new scholarly arguments and discoveries on the nature and analysis of cultural, economic and political developments.
There's a reason, I said, why virtually every depiction of school in popular culture is negative, or ambivalent at best.
Mordred is tern between the desire to please his domineering, embittered mother, who is consumed by her hatred for Arthur; his own ambivalent feelings toward his powerful father; and his search for a man te love.