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Synonyms for ambivalency

mixed feelings or emotions


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Finally, the narrative voice also accentuates undecidability and ambivalency by rendering the end of the story in an enigmatic and roundabout way that leaves the reader unsure about how to interpret story-line and Mr.
As a result of an inadequate appreciation of the radical notions of sight and blindness in Diderot's Letter on the Blind, Crary situates the philosophe in a legacy of ambivalency toward vision that begins with Descartes, citing Diderot's refusal to grant primacy to any one sense in knowledge.
Wilde's ambivalency and multiplicity of language, she writes, helped him expose the imperial and domestic cant the English used to defend their politics.
These numbers were then used to calculate an ambivalency score for each respondent.
Here we might invoke the multivocality of myth as one explanation for this ambivalency. Such myths simultaneously reinforce male notions about the danger of women's powers, even while the narratives celebrate for a female audience the inherent nobility of artistic pursuits and their legitimacy as a pathway to power for women.