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Synonyms for ambivalence

Synonyms for ambivalence

mixed feelings or emotions


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The 11 papers published here discuss responding to new risks and crisis in today's world, ambivalences of religious gifting, and transnational networking.
I too have become acquainted with ambivalence," I said.
Proclaiming one's ambivalence in such an intellectual atmosphere, I will argue, amounted to a direct assault on a rich Marxist/Hegelian philosophical tradition.
A concluding section focuses on the intensified tug-of-war between old and new relational ideals and sources of power, and concomitant feelings of ambivalence in both women and men.
Already compelling in the somewhat similar part of a chunky, lesbian-leaning pubescent in To Die For, Folland here fills up the screen with the propulsive twitches and ambivalences of adolescence.
By mining the ambivalences of popular fantasy, and delving into the treacherous appeal of an Americana that has long animated gay male artists, the Brothers, like their peers in other media, are perhaps in the process producing a kind of lesbian pop art.