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Synonyms for ambivalence

Synonyms for ambivalence

mixed feelings or emotions


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The abovementioned bipolar continuum of safety attitude could be described with attitudinal ambivalence. Attitudinal ambivalence was identified in social psychology in the 1990s, and it was referred to the coexistence of positive and negative cognitive appraisal and affective experience towards certain objects [14].
A specific contribution of our study is the focus on the often neglected negative influences of ambivalence and reactance as mediators of the effects of narratives with information targeting fears and myths of organ donation compared with narratives without information on TPB constructs perceived behavioral control, attitudes, social norms, and, ultimately, organ donation--related behavioral intentions.
Interestingly, this ambivalence appears across segments, including allies.
Ambivalence of attitude can be reflected in cognitive evaluation, emotion, or both.
Ambivalence runs through Europe today on the question of what a country should demand of new Muslim immigrants by way of adopting its values.
"One challenge to increasing the number of living organ liver transplants is donor ambivalence," explains lead researchers Dr.
The evidence of Texans' ambivalence is a Lone Star variation on the national theme.
"The Government of India must shed its ambivalence towards terrorism.
She explains that "it is the failure to recognize that most ambivalence springs from conflicts between the child's and the mother's needs, both legitimate, that explains much of the social and cultural condemnation of 'imperfect mothers.'" But there are no perfect mothers.
Inconsistent fertility desires and responses to the problem question are used to define ambivalence within couples.
Simply to deny that ambivalence exists, however, is a non-starter.
(1) MI is a person-centered, goal-directed counseling method for resolving ambivalence and promoting positive change by eliciting and strengthening the client's own motivation for change.
As illustrated by the old saying, "Women--you can't live with 'em and you can't live without 'em," the foibles of ambivalence in society are legendary.
Page 23 Victim of ambivalence Government "ambivalence" toward the automotive industry and the absence of a consistent long term strategy means the UK has a negative image among global investors, a key report has concluded.
Throughout Christian history, at different times and places, believers have expressed ambivalence regarding the Incarnation.