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Synonyms for ambivalence

Synonyms for ambivalence

mixed feelings or emotions


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Alternatively, and more likely, it is possible that the level of YES support was so low that the sovereignist camp was now reaching only convinced supporters, with little ambivalence, who therefore did not need to be placed in a context in which all considerations on this issue were made salient.
Their answer was to 'clarify certain aspects of the conflict -- confusion, ambivalence, surprising alignments and realignments, misrepresentation, 'spin doctoring', double standards and the great residual mass of mythology attaching to the war'.
To Britton, this anecdote 'captures the myopic sense of achievement Perret felt', in that he 'seems to have been unaware of the ambivalence which is evident in the Mobilier.
But he met with both success and resistance, an outcome pointing to the centuries-long ambivalence between the two oldest Christian communions.
And nowhere is this public ambivalence toward science more manifest than in the field of neurology.
Interestingly enough public patriarchy co-exists in ambivalence with private patriarchy in that it reinforces and at the same time contradicts women's subordination to male authority.
Perhaps most important were two specific impressions left by the former Alcoa CEO: 1) that his off-the-cuff remarks on the eve of the G7 expressing ambivalence about the dollar's strength should not be taken seriously; and 2) that he believes G7 coordination plays a positive role for international markets.
develops the ambivalence of Virginia Woolf over whether women should choose to be critical outsiders or engaged participants.
Even during this period of economic uncertainty marked by a volatile stock market, rising interest rates and public ambivalence over the future, smart investors in unsold co-op shares can still thrive by formulating transactions mutually beneficial to both buyer and seller.
Mary Farrell Bednarowski argues that women's ambivalence ought not be seen as negative, but as an emerging religious virtue.
A fuller account of the moral quandary experienced in a society that makes extensive use of abortion but which also has developed techniques of fetal surgery must say something about the profound ambivalence implied in this apparent double standard.
What the people have is a case of deep and persistent ambivalence.
Artificial Hearts: The Allure and Ambivalence of a Controversial Medical Technology
In short, people's reluctance can be traced to "noncognitive beliefs" (Morgan, Stephenson, Harrison, Afifi, & Long, 2008) and their experience of affective ambivalence (van den Berg, Manstead, van der Pligt, & Wigboldus, 2005).
NEW YORK -- GLAAD, the world's LGBT media advocacy organization, unveiled its second annual Accelerating Acceptance report, which reveals a startling level of complacency and ambivalence among Americans on LGBT issues.