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Synonyms for ambivalence

Synonyms for ambivalence

mixed feelings or emotions


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Ambivalence runs through Europe today on the question of what a country should demand of new Muslim immigrants by way of adopting its values.
The evidence of Texans' ambivalence is a Lone Star variation on the national theme.
The Government of India must shed its ambivalence towards terrorism.
Inconsistent fertility desires and responses to the problem question are used to define ambivalence within couples.
Simply to deny that ambivalence exists, however, is a non-starter.
It is just the other side of the client's ambivalence toward change, and is to be expected.
When viewed in just that one context, ambivalence is a luxury nurses can't afford.
The two great themes more narrowly connected with the thesis of pluralistic relativism are moral ambivalence and naturalism.
Among those who had felt coerced, their willingness to stay "illustrates the ambivalence towards treatment that characterizes eating disorders," Guarda says.
From common sentiments to differing musical approaches, A SINGING AMBIVALENCE holds college-level information and insights suitable not just for music libraries, but for collections strong in immigrant issues and American history.
I found myself turning the pages of Joseph Pearce's latest book with a bit of ambivalence.
Rather than assuming ambivalence will lead to negative results for the organisation, managers should recognise that emotional ambivalence can have positive consequences that can be leveraged for organisational success.
And as a result, not only do many more artists and writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century become modernists, but modernism altogether usefully extends to the age and in particular to its characteristic ambivalence about moving ahead.
And that ambivalence unsurprisingly turned to concern when it was announced last week that, on the eve of his 80th birthday, the autocrat underwent serious surgery and provisionally handed power to Raul, his brother and Cuba's military chief.