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Synonyms for ambitiousness

a strong desire to achieve something

Synonyms for ambitiousness

a strong drive for success

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Chase's political ambitiousness is no answer to these questions, so let me offer another.
Interviewee 1 also noted the importance of ambitiousness of the intended strategy.
Its ambitiousness is only occasionally compromised by textual idiosyncrasies.
Finally, in contrast to the ambitiousness of the others, Anna von Thielen is reluctant to submit her poems for publication.
As long as military space activity remains limited to enabling rather than actually conducting combat operations, as will continue to be the case for at least the near-term future, it will arguably remain premature even to think of the notion of space "power," strictly speaking, let alone suggest that the time has come to begin crafting a self-standing theory of spacepower comparable in ambitiousness and scope to the competing (and still-evolving) theories of land, sea-, and airpower that were developed over the course of the 20th century.
Given the ambitiousness of our collective projects and the infinitesimal resources fueling them, the pervasiveness of our efforts and doggedness in their pursuit cannot be underestimated.
On first blush the ambitiousness of that goal might inspire a disbelieving "good luck
I have selected Massachusetts for the comparison because of the ambitiousness of its 1993 reform package and its highly touted success in raising test scores.
In 2009, the TD Bank provided funds for the David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute (two leading, non-profit, environmental organizations in Canada, which I will call DSF-Pembina) to hire MK Jaccard and Associates to assess the regional impacts of various emissions-pricing scenarios that differed with respect to the ambitiousness of Canada's emissions reduction target and the targets of other countries.
Many stakeholders recognize the complexity and ambitiousness of RTI and that its success depends in good measure on the availability of accurate and nuanced information-on what works and doesn't work under which conditions and why.
Taking into consideration his ambitiousness, inclination to micro-management, stressed fondness for history, the need to make comparisons and the wish to receive appreciations for his achievements in the work, the organization of bad elections while he is in power does not coincide with his profile.
The broad visual sweep of his photographs communicates the huge ambitiousness of China's modernizing enterprise, while through their limited colour palette, his digital chromogenic prints portray an oftentimes utterly barren landscape.
While Evans' effort should be praised for its conceptual scope and originality, we wonder if it does not suffer just a bit at the hands of its ambitiousness.
We are impressed by the ambitiousness of firms in the region to build profitable businesses founded on sound products and operational practices.