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Synonyms for ambitiousness

a strong desire to achieve something

Synonyms for ambitiousness

a strong drive for success

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Furthermore, for how long Indian ambitiousness will threaten Pakistan's vital interests.
The underlying objective of this comparative study is to explain the variation in target ambitiousness and successful implementation of 13 officially adopted food policies in the cities of Zurich (Switzerland), Munich and Nuremberg (Germany).
His ambitiousness extends to the making of his films, which often eschew the 'easier' use of CGI, and have steadfastly fought off the gimmickry of 3D.
The recently concluded agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan is widely criticized of its ambitiousness in every thematic area and will likely be problematic in its implementation.
That ambitiousness was risky and bold, and it had downsides (read on).
Bearing in mind the ambitiousness of the dam project, Belhaj was keen to seek assurances from Lebanese officials that the plan enjoyed broad support to quell concerns among the bank's authorizing board that the country lacked political will.
The prevalent view of Peckinpah's Garrett --I've argued it myself--is that he was depicting in the character much of what he worried about, feared, or hated in himself: his abusiveness, his ambitiousness, his personal corruptibility, his spiritual emptiness, his own capacity for violence (notably toward women), his attraction to the sordid, his fear that he had sold himself out, his increasing isolation from family and old friends, and of course his alcoholism.
That said, in spite of--or perhaps because of--its ambitiousness, Media, Society, World: Social Theory and Media Practice is lacking in certain regards.
Finally, they considered the scope of innovations necessary to replace the Carnegie Unit, the ambitiousness and uncertainties associated with these tasks, and the vast array of practical problems that would need to be solved.
What was most impressive, after the sheer ambitiousness of the main work, was the formal and intellectual coherence of Rudquist's art as she moved between functional and nonfunctional, pedestal and wall, individual and multi-element works.
Some consider it a ggold standardh or g21st centuryh FTA because of its prospective number of participants, its scope, the breadth of non-traditional issues it tackles, its incorporation of labor and environmental standards, and its ambitiousness relative to other conceivable alternatives such as the World Trade Organization (WTO).
The essence of the issue here is that we have to commit ourselves to the virtue of pride--the virtue of upholding all of the virtues all of the time--the virtue of moral ambitiousness.
Karissa Kruse, who took over as the group's president in March 2013, acknowledged the plan's ambitiousness but said she is confident the economic, environmental and social benefits of sustainability will convince the county's 1,800 growers to certify their vineyards through the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) or another third-party certification process.
The ambitiousness and far-reaching goals of the potential project has also shortlisted the institution, the Tonga High School, among one of the finalists for the upcoming Zayed Future Energy Prize.
Of course, i lie ambitiousness of the project invites a variety of critical responses.