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This void, however, is being ambitiously filled by a vanguard of visionary collectives from Aymara, Quechua, also Guarani and the country's 33 other pueblos, fomenting a new kind of revolution in Latin America--not with guns but through harnessing the newly accessible audio-visual production means of the digital age to give both voice and face to Bolivia's long-silenced indigenous majority.
She, for example, ambitiously tackles how race, gender and sexuality all shaped anti-Chinese stereotypes, how the Republican Party expressed a dual nature during Reconstruction, how postbellum party politics featured studied racial appeals and how citizenship reinforced racialization.
Since a company is, by law, a legal person, the film ambitiously explores the idea of the corporation as a psychopath, using criteria culled from The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
These manufacturers are ambitiously investing millions of dollars to improve tape technology and introduce newer products for a variety of applications.
Receptions, dinners, and other networking functions are scheduled throughout the week to foster opportunities to seek partners, exchange information, and relax during the ambitiously scheduled sessions.
A new government health reform plan ambitiously alms to shift the balance in medicine back to prevention and push private healthcare providers to absorb more of the population.
The visitors began ambitiously with an expansive move in their own half but a loose ball was snapped up by Kendal's Springbok centre Chris Malherbe who scorched over without a hand being laid on him.
Coldiron's book deliberately and ambitiously sets itself to treat of" a poet crossing between nations, among languages, and between literary traditions, negotiating several sorts of conflict and finally establishing a voice and poetics in English that might best be read as an illuminating tertium quid.
In addition to ambitiously expanding their facilities, they bought ancillary service providers such as therapy companies.
He has ambitiously assembled a large delegation of voices to make his case that contemporary literature exists in a kind of "epistemic complicity" with its colonial past (exhibiting shades of Said's idea of the "contrapuntal"), and he draws on works extending from the eighteenth-century French writer Bernardin Saint-Pierre to the Cuban Alejo Carpentier to New Zealand's Ken Hulme.
As Father Charles Ryan, FSSP, writes from Ottawa, "At a time when most communities are closing down seminaries, we are ambitiously undertaking the construction of a new seminary to be built in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Harcourt Scientific, Technical and Medical Group president Peter Hoenigsberg said that "we look forward to ambitiously investing in and growing the range of value-added services available through MD Consult.
Rather ambitiously, company president Larry Hunt said: "We believe we could easily surpass the leading provider of free email, which has over 35 million subscribers.
Their fates interweave in this ambitiously plotted novel, which Selvadurai, 34, describes as his most personal effort yet.
Then she recovered and, showing the steeliness of character that Slobodan Milosevic has lately experienced, became a Democratic foreign policy adviser and organizer, raised three daughters, and ambitiously clawed her way to the top of the Washington hierarchy (leaving, in the process, amazingly few tracks).