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They all could come up to help Komal Sahito, the Vice Chancellor said and added that Komal Sahito has ambitiously come to university and with our mutual effort and blessing of Almighty Allah, she could pursue her dreams.
PSOD will continue to ambitiously work to expand its private sector operations from 13.4% to 20% of total commitments by 2020, including by working in new frontier markets and sectors and increasing support for high-level technologies to improve development impact."
Plus it's a vehicle survival challenge, where too much pedal power too soon (or too late) could see you, your cargo and the crane you ambitiously bolted to your trailer, slip inexorably under 10ft of murk.
The story includes gangsters, a casino boss, more corrupt cops and Michelle Monaghan's Internal Affairs police officer, who ambitiously wants to arrest everybody at once.
It appears Blink are finally back with an ambitiously destructive cry for a party that will keep you listening over and over.
"For the first time, 16 and 17-year-olds in Scotland will have the chance to choose our nation's government - and can choose to use the new powers coming to the Scottish Parliament ambitiously and progressively."
For the past days, Modi government seems ambitiously devoted to bring down Pakistan at every level.
The film, which features the English actor Idris Elba in the title role, ambitiously tries to cover Mandela's entire adult life.
In December, he conducted Against the GrainTheatre's ambitiously choreographed Handel Messiah inToronto, then flew off for a recital with soprano Ambur Braid in her nativeTerrace, B.C.
During the meeting, the minister talked about Jordan's emerging role and ambitiously acquired expertise in the maritime industries.
He added that "The reforms that you are ambitiously undertaking will pay off.
Nevertheless, the one thing that fascinated them was the government's announcements for even greater capital investments but the impression is that these projects are ambitiously discussed at the beginning of every year and then they lose their spark.
ESPN: The most picturesque of the sports magazines ambitiously cranked out multiple covers for its annual Body Issue--among them.
The architecture ambitiously wraps its arms around the throngs of individuals that come to this beach every year and engages them in a truly civic manner.