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Synonyms for ambition

Synonyms for ambition

a strong desire to achieve something

Synonyms for ambition

a cherished desire

a strong drive for success

have as one's ambition

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HOW much cash would you need to transform a lifetime's ambition into a reality?
GDP growth, business and education leaders will need to find a way to give the next generation of entrepreneurs the tools they need to keep their ambitions alive.
Being motivated and driven seem like positive characteristics, but for ambition addicts, wanting to do and be more often comes at a high cost.
Iwan Trefor-Jones, of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board, said: "The economy does not respect administrative boundaries, you have to work across the region to ensure we have a clear economic plan across the region.
My ambitions are clean' is a line I often hear from many different individuals but in due time all will be revealed.
The Toon boss revealed to the Sunday Mirror that, when his time is up at St James' Park, his ambition is to have a crack at international management with the Three Lions.
Ambition is a powerful word and psychological concept, referring to a strong desire to achieve or do something, which typically requires hard work, commitment and ferocious determination.
Curt impressed the judges with his talents in writing and art and his burning ambition to be a graphic novelist while Erin's passion for engineering and her outstanding extra-curriculum achievements helped her book her place in the finals.
October 8 2010 -- Danisco has today announced new financial ambitions to ensure profitable growth.
Financial Ambitions include:•Group organic growth 5-7% over an economic cycle- Enablers 3-5%- Cultures 7-9%- Sweeteners 3-5%- Genencor 7-9%•Group EBIT margin 15.
Ambitions Tamed: Urban Expansion in Pre-revolutionary Lyon
It's all very well criticising our ambition but there were too many times when Yak didn't show up, for example at Eindhoven when a win would have furthered his and our ambitions.
Our Welsh Assembly Government could support Catalonia and the Basque Country's ambitions to play international football.
They sport no strategy for confronting the nuclear ambitions of Iran or North Korea, the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the growing friction between Japan on the one hand and China and South Korea on the other.