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Synonyms for ambitionless

having little desire for success or achievement

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New Delhi [India], Aug 06 ( ANI ): The trailer of Salman Khan's brother-in-law Aayush Sharma's debut Bollywood movie, 'Love Ratri' is out and it is a story of an ambitionless boy who fights for his love.
Ignatius imagines that, were he black, he would militate violently against being raised to the middle class and that he would enjoy being kept in "ambitionless peace" (106).
But what one must do is not criticize the reality but to take remedial action if our youth is ambitionless,"
An example of demands and duties women were expected to fulfill provides an insight into how this feature operated: a really submissive woman had to spend her life servicing to others--her husband, her children, her parents, and relatives--with ambitionless cheer, never-ending strength, and unconditioned love.
Devlin likes and quickly adopts the version of the family history Cook told, since the latter takes him away from the dull life in Newfoundland, where he might have ended up "ambitionless, untravelled and uneducated," as the protagonist of The Colony of Unrequited Dreams feared.
Ethel Wilson, The Innocent Traveller (Toronto: Macmillan, 1944), quoted in Graeme Wynn, "'Shall We Linger along Ambitionless; Environmental Perspectives on British Columbia," BC Studies 142/143 (Summer/Autumn 2004): 6.
(1) Second, Creon is transformed from the relatively ambitionless playboy prince of Sophocles' original to the physically and morally twisted precipitator of the crisis, analogous to "the figure of Shaftesbury seen through royalist eyes and representations" (Novak, "Commentary to Oedipus" 462).
The mountain refers to the domain of imagination and mysticism, in other words the contrary/opposite of the valley of common reality in the domain of the ignorant and ambitionless farmer who made the eagle live with ordinary chickens.
Or the person suddenly sees you as an ambitionless throwback, a loser mooching off your partner--though he or she won't tell you this to your face.
I must hereafter plod along ambitionless and aimless--content to know that my lot in life is to be a horrible one." The next day, Asher dropped by.
Pagan teenage girls are perfect and peerless, created of every creature's best, clean and healthy, nature girls all, usually ambitionless, since ambition is violence to the Great Mother.
Her name was Maurica and Royko, spelled Royko, figured he had license to poke fun at black names that "defy explanation." The next month, Royko, in going through the feigned motions of endorsing Patrick Buchanan for President, called Mexico a useless country except for its beaches and tequila, its leaders "corrupt pocket-stuffers," its people ambitionless, and Buchanan a wimp for not being more bold to keep America from being forced to dine on refried beans and naming all our children Jose.
These stereotypes include traits such as "ambitionless, no college education, unmannerly, lower class, antagonistic, loud, muscular criminal, and athletic" (Niemann, Jennings, Rozelle, Baxter & Sullivan, 1994); "dumb, deprived, dangerous, deviant, and disturbed" (Gibb, 1988); "superstitious, lazy, happy-go-lucky, ignorant, musical, ostentatious, religious, stupid, physically dirty, naive, slovenly, and unreliable" (Dovidio and Gaertner, 1986; Katz & Braly, 1932; Gilbert, 1951, Karlins, Coffman & Walters, 1969).
Rubin understands the Burden's Landing from which Jack Burden flees as "a purposeless and ambitionless vacuum of diversion and unreality."(9) In this conception, Jack rejects a stagnant pseudo-aristocracy because it fails to give him any "sense of purposiveness, any feeling of engagement.
The ambitionless Carwyn Jones is so called leader of Wales, powerless puppet of his boss Miliband in London, leads us no-where here.