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Synonyms for ambitionless

having little desire for success or achievement

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Or the person suddenly sees you as an ambitionless throwback, a loser mooching off your partner--though he or she won't tell you this to your face.
I must hereafter plod along ambitionless and aimless--content to know that my lot in life is to be a horrible one.
Pagan teenage girls are perfect and peerless, created of every creature's best, clean and healthy, nature girls all, usually ambitionless, since ambition is violence to the Great Mother.
The next month, Royko, in going through the feigned motions of endorsing Patrick Buchanan for President, called Mexico a useless country except for its beaches and tequila, its leaders "corrupt pocket-stuffers," its people ambitionless, and Buchanan a wimp for not being more bold to keep America from being forced to dine on refried beans and naming all our children Jose.
Rubin understands the Burden's Landing from which Jack Burden flees as "a purposeless and ambitionless vacuum of diversion and unreality.
The ambitionless Carwyn Jones is so called leader of Wales, powerless puppet of his boss Miliband in London, leads us no-where here.
He has move o dhis ambitionless position fron r "No Change" in 2011 to accepting some minor tax poweo rs on offer fromr the ConDem Goveo rnment in London.
He has moved his ambitionless position fron "No Change" in 2011 to accepting some minor tax powers on offer from the ConDem Government in London.
Although the opposition, particularly the technically limited and ambitionless Andorrans, could hardly be described as stern, the relish with which Gerrard has undertaken his new role has been obvious for all to see.
He has an on-off relationship with beautiful blonde Hofi (Thrudur Vilhjalmdottir), who just about tolerates his ambitionless behavior.
Why do we care about this affable, ambitionless character?
He has moved his ambitionless position fron " No Change" in 2011 to accepting some minor tax powers on offer from the Con Dem Government in London.
I am kind of an ambitionless person in the sense that things come up and I go, 'Yeah, all right.
In June the Irish national side - a set-up he mocked as amateurish and ambitionless - will be watching the World Cup on beach bar TVs.
Meanwhile in Wales we are going no-where under the visionless, ambitionless Leadership of Nuclear Submarine Jones.