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For, although not unaffected by the consequences of his own and others' sins, there yet remain vents of freedom through which it is possible for him to transcend the moral ambiguousness of human existence, to the extent of being able to hear and accept the summons to reenact our Lord's Passion.
Admitting the ambiguousness of the term, the authors provide some unique definitions, and the editors organize them by arranging each section around common definitions such as "natural world," "human biological nature," or "human nature.
Thus, the third definition in the Oxford English Dictionary is "Capability of being understood in two or more ways; double or dubious signification, ambiguousness.
As Robin Wood points out (1), the teenaged Simmons embodied a combination of 'innocence and sexuality' producing an ambiguousness that was at odds with what was acceptable in the 1940s British cinema.
Michael Workman (2004), for example, suggests that because of the ambiguousness of working in a virtual environment, leaders must be able to provide additional clarity.
Another problem with the "other resistance" option is its ambiguousness.
The ambiguousness that enveloped the Vietnam conflict, however, and the eventual ferocity of its opposition, changed all that.