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Interpretation imposes itself as a necessity for the legal system due also to the characteristics of the legal language among which, as previously shown, a type of dynamism generated by the influence of external terminology (Stoichitoiu-Ichim, 2011: 87), as well as by an accentuated tendency of ambiguousness brought about by, on the one hand, the polysemy of existing legal concepts, but also by their determination by the Legislator in a manner which is often "insufficient, equivocal, ambiguous, vague, with a variable content", on the other hand (Deleanu, 2013: 24).
13) Delaney points out that this kind of ambiguousness about the actions of slaveholders was typical of the time, and there were often "tensions .
India's low uncertainty avoidance score (like that of China) means a society open to ambiguousness.
Stated at this level of abstraction, of course, the rule "provides little more than atmospherics, since it leaves open the crucial question--almost invariably present--of how much ambiguousness constitutes .
When a poet such as Sjon (Sigurjon Birgir Sigurdsson) writes a novel, the reader may expect the elliptical in both senses of the word--economy and ambiguousness.
In the meantime, Article 14 of the ILO Domestic Workers Convention is not without ambiguousness itself as it requires states to "ensure that domestic workers enjoy conditions that are not less favourable than those applicable to workers generally in respect of social security protection", although measures to that end may be "applied progressively" and "with due regard for the specific characteristics of domestic work".
It is this ambiguousness that Shatz endeavors to conserve and to communicate throughout his writing, the complexity inherent in the attempt of an original Jewish thinker to serve at the same time as an academic researcher of Jewish philosophy.
It is because of this conscious strategy of ambiguousness that this is a dirty war.
Similar elements have also been brought to Venoistodus balticus by Lofgren (2006); however, see Mellgren & Eriksson (2010) for a brief discussion on the ambiguousness concerning this taxon.
It is this bewildering ambiguousness of life Desai's weltanschauung weaves and the signifying code suggests the same.
The fourth dimension--organizational--has been defined in relation to three components: job ambiguousness, job conflict, and perceived job expectations and professional responsibility (Bargal & Guterman, 1996).
The grandfather too comes to a violent end, though his death is riddled with ambiguities akin to the ambiguousness of the Promethean gift of fire.
This ambiguousness is a common feature of such writings, nowhere more so than in the following, taken from Deborah Rose's book Nourishing Terrains:
337) similarly illustrates the ambiguousness inherent to examinations of objective versus subjective opportunities.