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in an ambiguous manner

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In presenting its hero ambiguously, Urbania is clearly a response to a lot of recent queer moviemaking.
Praise (laudatio) and blame (vituperatio) - sometimes ambiguously interchangeable figures - also contributed to the rhetorical arsenal employed by the makers of these days-long extravaganzas.
They also insist that a "racial paternalism" developed in this ambiguously defined area, but one looks in vain for a clear definition and discussion of either race or paternalism.
Having the primary meaning of either "happen" or "pass (by)," it occurs frequently and ambiguously until two appearances in the middle of the book, in the form of the word Passierschein (a pass, a document authorizing transit), which is first mentioned as "still necessary" but then is stated to be superfluous, reflecting the removal of the Wall.
Recalling work by other feminist pioneers (Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse), the dangling tubes--black and pink--are as formally compelling as they are ambiguously evocative of body parts.
on Broadway; Albert in The Birdcage; ambiguously gay meerkat Timon in The Lion King; husband to Bette Midler's Jacqueline Susann in Isn't She Great ...
This book seeks to explore the life and work of Achille Bocchi (14881562), a Bolognese humanist rather ambiguously characterized in a summarizing paragraph which precedes the frontispiece as "one of the sixteenth century's greatest intellectuals" and "a somewhat shadowy and ambivalent figure" (ix).
Carroll identifies three Metacults (Christ, Mary, and the Saints) as being the traditional foci of devotion in Catholicism but insists that in Italian popular Catholicism this "official order" is reversed in practice with the Saints (or one particular Saint) being seen as close and accessible, Mary in various manifestations as being powerful (in fact so ambiguously powerful as to be held at a distance), and Christ as being significantly less "popular." To support this conclusion, he cites the figures for parish, sanctuary and other dedications.
Johnston's especial topic is the observing, collating, reflecting, ruminating, recollecting, fantasizing mind shaped, perhaps ambiguously, by a personal and a wider history: "One experience always deflects another, / a billiards of aborted possibilities, / and what you see you've brought with you like a picnic." His skill is to move within a syllable from the intangibles of the mind to the sharply evoked world of place and of history.
The parts, ambiguously figural and purely geometric (like much of Shapiro's sculpture), have an awkward affinity--but they're not exactly made for each other.
The latest cartoon exploits of the Ambiguously Gay Duo.
The pregnant Flora's name confirms that she also is Fioretta, which we know to be the name of Giulio de' Medici's mother from Pieraccini's discussion of the historical sources identifying her ambiguously either as Fioretta Gorini or as Fioretta del Cittadino.
A testament to Tweedy's well-known radio fixation, the title Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (and the sample of an ambiguously accented woman intoning its three words during the coda of "Poor Places") was lifted, uncredited, from The Conet Project, four CDs of eerie recordings of shortwave "numbers stations" that broadcast coded messages to intelligence agents in NATO'S phonetic alphabet.
From the man who brought you the Ambiguously Gay Duo comes a new superhero.
The image in Mckenzie's Vorticist Force the Hand of Choice II, 2000, is taken from the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, and the same pageant of men in blue tailcoats pounding away on banked-up grand pianos is used for the ambiguously titled They Are Lying on Their CVs, 2000.