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in an ambiguous manner

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The ambiguously worded agreement created some confusion, with Takenaka saying the government was still considering the possibility of slashing the taxes this fiscal year, and Shiokawa denying it.
A suspended item, looking more like a huge gasoline pump than what the program called a "kinetic limb," hung and moved over the dancers ("fighting for ever-decaying space," the program ambiguously informed).
Here as elsewhere, his prose style ranges from elegantly complex to ambiguously fragmentary, and while he gives no easy answers, he keeps alive the tradition of a socially responsible literature in a posthistorical world.
Such a multifaceted, ambiguously authored text can be a rich mine for philosophical and literary analysis, and Uttering the Word succeeds through five dense chapters in placing the text under microscopic examination, utilizing the ideas of de Certeau, Barthes, and especially Lacan to deep and original effect.
Athers's Back is Sporting's ambiguously titled market in which the health of the opener's creaking lumbar is as relevant as his ability with the willow.
According to Illouz, romantic love "has been ambiguously incorporated into the culture of consumer capitalism.
Historical events and individual experiences mediate and move toward enlightenment, but they do so very uncertainly and ambiguously.
For example, the "Artist" field sometimes includes Recording Artist name, while at other times it shows the Composer name, and core information such as Movement and Symphony numbers are sometimes dropped, resulting in "Symphony #5" being ambiguously displayed as just "Symphony.
On Saturday, Google posted a message on its Mobile Blog referring ambiguously to a new mobile phone 'concept' device that Google's employees had been given to test.
The ambiguously named band - you'll be disappointed if you expect bare, naked ladies on stage
Spokeswoman Francoise Van Buuren said: "We won't take sides but I still believe the question was ambiguously phrased.
Here, you have to separate the sort-of-good cops from the bad cops from the cops who might be dirty from the lazy cops, the vicious drug dealers from the more ambiguously amoral ones, and so on.
NEW YORK -- Although he never scored a Top 40 hit in America, Matt Johnson of the ambiguously named The The wrote and performed numerous chart singles in his native England since his debut in 1979.
This is added to the fact Suzuki wasted time by denying, evading or answering ambiguously, frequently saying, ''I do not remember the details'' or ''I have no recollection of it,'' Sasaki said.
After leading his ruling coalition to victory in the 1999 general elections, Mahathir indicated he would retire before the 2004 election, but Thursday when asked if he would stick to the deadline, he answered ambiguously.