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in an ambiguous manner

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If the speech contains sexual innuendo or is ambiguously lewd and contains social or political expression, the school can ban the speech if educators can show it would be disruptive.
The poll questions themselves are often ambiguously worded.
The book does the difficult work of picking out the most important episodes out of the wealth of ambiguously relevant guerrilla engagements.
Not that this animated series from "Saturday Night Live's" Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker is bad, but neither is it particularly interesting--feeling like one of those animated sketches from "SNL," without the wit or bite of something like "The Ambiguously Gay Duo.
To note, the decision to announce the tender was perceived by the public ambiguously.
In a statement, CEO Steve Ballmer thanked him for his work and added, somewhat ambiguously, that the company must "continue to drive alignment across all Microsoft teams, and have more integrated and rapid development cycles for our offerings.
The Italian neither confirmed nor denied the reports were true last Friday when he ambiguously said that he had been "close to seven or eight teams".
Herself's increasingly unhinged recollections, masterfully woven from County Mayo dialect, mannerisms, and convoluted syntax, evolve an intense, relentless, wide-ranging concern with life and language that is hilarious, cruel, ambiguously unsettling, and power fully contemplative.
The article also noted that Zimmerman's ambiguously ethnic appearance as well as that surname lent themselves to precisely such speculation: "His father is white, neighbors say.
But Night Of Vengeance earns points for capturing Sydney's King's Cross district in all its seedy glory and its hopeful ambiguously hope p ful finale.
The draft Act is ambiguously worded in respect of this additional tax credit, and it is possible that an additional R216 a month is to be allowed for each person over 65 or disabled,' he adds.
She's always been ambiguously constructed," said Angharad Valdivia, who teaches media studies at the University of Illinois and has explored the issue.
The committee found a prima facie case for Alan Williams ACMA to answer concerning a complaint that he had used an ambiguously worded postscript in a mailshot letter that had caused concern to some recipients (clients of the complainant accountant).
Summary: As ever more Egyptian showbiz stars seek to build their own mosques, the issue of whether they are tainted by ill-gotten gains or ambiguously Islamic sources of income has come to the