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Synonyms for ambiguous

Synonyms for ambiguous

Synonyms for ambiguous

open to two or more interpretations


Related Words

having more than one possible meaning

having no intrinsic or objective meaning

References in classic literature ?
All I elicited was an ambiguous statement as to the distance between the cottage and the hall; it was "not so far." And so she left me to my pipe and to my best night yet, in the stillest spot I have ever slept in on dry land; one heard nothing but the bubble of a beck; and it seemed very, very far away.
Such was the news, ambiguous, it is true, but in some degree reassuring to him personally, which D'Artagnan brought to Louis XIV., when the king, followed by all the court, returned to Paris.
Daylight grinned to himself, and gave out ambiguous interviews.
It was said that he had been the landlord of an ambiguous hotel in Cape Town, and had there given shelter to, and witnessed, the experiments and finally stolen the papers and plans of, an extremely shy and friendless young inventor named Palliser, who had come to South Africa from England in an advanced stage of consumption, and died there.
Most had hedged a little with ambiguous conditions, and now offered resistance; one or two paid at once, and vehemently called attention to the fact; and Mr.
The eyes of his auditors involuntarily met; and, if the color that gathered over the face of Elizabeth was contradicted by the cold expression of her eye, the ambiguous smile that again played about the lips of the stranger seemed equally to deny the probability of his consenting to form one of this family group.
This section presents a new game-theoretic framework for games with ambiguous consequences and then introduces a solution concept for solving such games.
"There is a wide range of more ambiguous expressions, from which it is difficult to deduce the underlying emotional state.
INTRODUCTION: Ambiguous genitalia are currently defined as disorders of sexual development (DSD) and constitute a complex, major, social and medical emergency which is fortunately very rare [1].
Men also generally prefer positions for which the "rules of wage determination" are left ambiguous. However, women become more aggressive in negotiating wages when the advertisement explicitly states that wages are negotiable; this erases and even reverses the gender differences.
In decisions under uncertainty people have been found to prefer prospects involving known probabilities (risky prospects) to prospects with unknown probabilities (ambiguous prospects), even if expected utility theory (Savage 1954) prescribes indifference.
Non ambiguous trees of size n are in bijection with permutations of size n with all their strict excedances at the beginning.
BEIRUT, Sha'ban 11, 1433, Jul 1, 2012, SPA - Syrian opposition groups have rejected a U.N.-brokered peace plan for a political transition in Syria as ambiguous and a waste of time.
Cheikh Hamidou Kane, Ambiguous Adventure (Melville House, 2012)
Ambiguous endings--and there will be spoilers as we discuss them--are seemingly everywhere these days.