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Synonyms for ambiguous

Synonyms for ambiguous

Synonyms for ambiguous

open to two or more interpretations


Related Words

having more than one possible meaning

having no intrinsic or objective meaning

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In the case of Ambiguous Figures (1 Copper Plate, 1 Zinc Plate, 1 Rubber Cloth .
It is a dead heat that forces us to admit that reality is, in the end, ambiguous and that politics always plays a role in its definition.
Keeping with the ambiguous theme, Robertson doesn't let the reader accept the situation as a divine answer to a petitionary prayer.
8) To require interrogators to ask clarifying questions when an ambiguous request for counsel is voiced would obviate the "bright line" effect the Court was aiming for and force officers to "make difficult judgment calls about whether the suspect in fact wants a lawyer even though he hasn't said so, with the threat of suppression if they guess wrong.
Ambiguous Pooling & Servicing Agreements (PSAs) require that servicers, trustees and investors make judgment calls on issues like this on a daily basis.
When they viewed images of faces that morphed from happy to ambiguous to fearful, they were asked to indicate whether the face was happy or fearful by pressing buttons on a computer.
The court felt that the statute's language was sufficiently ambiguous for both positions to have some merit.
If you have a weak heart or just a short attention span, keep your distance from Emma Donoghue's intricately woven and luxuriously paced fourth novel, Life Mask, the story of the 12th Earl of Derby's 16-year courtship of the comedic actress Eliza Farren and of Eliza's ambiguous and socially dangerous friendship with the sculptor Anne Damer, rumored to be a sapphist.
His final piece for the factory, finished in 1792, depicts four smirking girls holding a blanket, tossing a straw mannequin helplessly into the air--a scene of ambiguous eroticism, which anticipates his later vision.
A hockey reference and ambiguous use of the word "harsh" (together with "barge" no less)?
However, earlier attempts to measure other electromagnetic emissions from such impacts produced ambiguous results, says Tadashi Takano of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science in Sagamihara.
This ambiguous letter was followed by a statement from the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office printed in L'Osservatore Romano of July 20, 1981, that repeated the warnings of the 1962 banning of the writings of Teilhard and did so "against rumours that it no longer applied.
This is a rather sad and disturbing book, with its depictions of abuse, and it ends on an ambiguous note as far as Christopher is concerned.