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According to the daily ambient air quality report of the federal capital by Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PAK-EPA), the 24 hours average ratio of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Sulphur dioxide (SO2) were 14.71 micrograms per cubic meter (mg/ mA3) and 6.51 mg/mA3 respectively against the respective National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) of 80 mg/mA3 and 120mg/mA3.
Ambient lighting Market solutions have garnered many accolades due to their energy saving, easy installation, low maintenance, and reliable performance features.
Ambient noise is most often used by adults for sleeping.
Dr Biswas said: 'While managers have traditionally focused on ambient sensory factors related to visual and auditory cues, there is a growing trend toward focusing on olfactory cues as a strategic element in retail atmospherics.
The Galaxy S9 maker was inspired to come up with Ambient Mode after noticing how TVs nowadays - especially the large ones - are an eyesore to many people when they are not in use.
She said, for the previous year, the ambient air monitoring machine was able to record the worst air quality in the city on December 22 where its reading reached 160 micrograms per cubic meter for PM 10 and 43 micro grams per cubic meter for PM 2.5
At other places on the body, the skin temperature will range between the core temperature and the ambient temperature.
Keywords: Ambient air quality, vehicular emissions, Rahim Yar Khan, Air pollution.
Ambient air is drawn through a filter, heated, and then passed through the resin granulate in the drying hopper before being vented to the factory floor.
AW2500 is Ambient Water's residential model of its atmospheric water generation technology that can produce up to five gallons of drinkable water per day from the humidity which exists in the air.
1 October 2014 - Swedish communications technology firm Ericsson AB (STO:ERIC-B) announced today it had closed the acquisition of US smart grid communications technology provider Ambient Corporation (OTCBB:ABTG), following last week's court approval of a takeover offer for USD7.5m (EUR5.9m).
Lifetime for the valve can exceed 1,000,000 cycles at ambient temperature/300 psi or 500,000 cycles at 175 C/300 psi.
In order to realize and optimize the application of CNT, it is desired to understand the growth mechanism and influence of physical parameters (as ambient pressure, electrode geometry, applied current and voltage, gas flow, inter electrode distance, dynamics of plasma species, etc.
IEC 61850 support allows the Ambient smart grid nodes to collect, store, and communicate data from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and filter the amount of data backhauled.