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Synonyms for ambience

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Synonyms for ambience

the atmosphere of an environment

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During investigations, teams of ACB Jammu and Kashmir conducted extensive searches at the residence and office of Raj Singh Gehlot, Managing Director Ambience Group at New Delhi with due procedure.
She added that the recent weather situation had increased the pollution level hence disturbing the smooth ambience which resolved after precipitation.
Equally enticing is the ambience at the restaurant that combines simple elegance with classic Italian style and friendly service.
It is also used to create aesthetics and great ambience in a space.
Mokha Cafe's popularity in the hospitality zone will come to the fore as visitors will get a first-hand experience of its festive ambience. On the agenda of the Friday brunch, headlined 'The Friday Feast' to bring home the colossal new options to turn the weekend into a family-and-friends affair, is wholesome food and loads of fun.
"Real estate development in the NCR is far higher than anywhere else in India," explains Aman Gehlot, Director, Ambience P Ltd, one of the leading developers in the region.
The new restaurant is flanked on both sides by lush green waiting areas and a new lighting concept is said to immerses the waiting areas and bistro in a pleasant, warm light, thereby creating an ambience of comfort in this busy part of the terminal.
Within that ambience, exists a wonderful relationship between human beings and nature.
By supplying the original B-Format audio file from the SoundField microphone, as well as a TSL SurroundZone2 plug-in, the ambience can be completely adjusted to fit the requirements of the scene.
IQ is an ideal place for an evening wind down that provides a comfortable ambience to catch up with friends and colleagues.
Well known for its authentic cuisine and hospitality and considered by many as home away from home, Reem Al Bawadi's genuine flavors and unique ambience has made it an established and well-loved culinary landmark.
Guests can enjoy the artisanal dishes to the backdrop of live music and a traditional, celebratory ambience.
Part one is focused on the ambience of the imaginary and contains contributions focused on negotiating experiences of space in modern literature, the socioaesthetics of being surrounded, and other subjects.
The curtain twitchers are obsessed with retaining their leafy suburb's ambience.
COMMUNITY leaders fear Moseley's "ambience" is under threat after a third major chain in as many months revealed plans for a new restaurant.