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The first development took place in 1999 and the group established the Ambience Mall, which is one of Asia's largest malls with an area of nearly 1.
Scintillated ambience, grooving music,sumptuous food & wide collection of beverages
The Tech Ambience Call Center said it has launched a new US-based tech support services program for its clients.
Tech Ambience said it has opened a Florida-based call center division especially designed to meet the customer service and product sales needs of the business marketplace.
The report had highlighted how the Ambience and MGF malls could be soft targets for terror groups due to lack of adequate security at entry gates and in parking lots.
She responded with an exciting, sensory fragrance that unifies the fresh, green, naturalness of California's vines and fields with the sunshine the state is famous for, and of course, with clear mountain air, sparkling streams, and the deep, invigorating ambience of redwood and sequoia forests.
However, Prost also expressed his love of the capital's Yas Marina Circuit, which will host the F1 finale between November 21 and 23, praising its special ambience.
But it seems that the acclaimed White Noise Ambience App, which has been downloaded more than 1.
Set away from the mainland, the island enjoys an exclusive and tranquil ambience.
uk/locations/newcastle Food Service Ambience I don't normally review chains, largely because I don't particularly like eating in them.
17 -- Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has opposed a Group of Ministers' recommendation to set up the long-awaited National War Memorial at the India Gate complex, saying it will affect the ambience of the area and restrict people's movement at the popular hangout zone.
THE new video from The Ambience Affair for their song The Fallen, directed and produced by Souljacker, has hit the web.
Samvo senior marketing manager David Miller said: "We are experimenting with several ideas in the shops and seek a luxury 'boutique' ambience, offering a different experience for a broad range of sporting and betting activity.
After selecting "blue" as our main color and "energy" as our ambience, we went to Home Depot and chose the Behr colors Lagoon, Golden Cricket and Mexican Chile.
Ambience The study, which claims to be the first to scientifically prove that the stout doesn't travel well, used four "nonexpert" tasters each from different countries.