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Synonyms for ambidextrousness

the property of being equally skillful with each hand

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This is the subject of Brett Neilson's article, "On Ambiguity and Ambidextrousness, Or, What Is an Innovative Action?" (<>).
Unless you're one of the chosen few blessed with ambidextrousness, you'll find you throw it "like a girl".
reviewed different approaches to 'ambidextrousness' and highlighted four kinds of organizational mechanisms that the literature postulates as being important for achieving simultaneous efficiency and flexibility (Adler et al., 1999).
This ambidextrousness allows scholars to dismiss the importance of the change in ministerial attitude outlined below.
Well, then, I am not aware of any preference for the left hand, either at present or in my childhood; rather I could say that years ago I had two left hands." While Freud denies his own left-handedness in this letter, he does not disclaim his bisexuality, the apparent reason for Fliess' interest in the possibility of an ambidextrousness in Freud.