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Synonyms for ambidextrous

not being what one purports to be

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Synonyms for ambidextrous

equally skillful with each hand

marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

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Moreover, configuring an alliance portfolio ambidextrously maintains the coordination costs due to unrelated resources (Goerzen, 2005).
The magazines are set up to work ambidextrously. You can swap around the magazine button on SIGs, and the 220 SA magazines were slotted on both sides.
One of my best friends was a Pentecostal sissy whose hands were in constant demand in his childhood home; how ambidextrously he piled into a sort of cursive his mothers' and sisters' never-cut hair.
Sometimes The Voice of Shirley shows up as the basso-profundo sound of the Lord, other times merely the noise of a thousand seraphim sucking their thumbs -- ambidextrously, of course.
Their final task is, because both values and routine practices have a double-edged nature, managing selected practices ambidextrously by encouraging facilitators and discouraging inhibitors.
Above all, the group was simultaneously left and right, ambidextrously adjusting itself to different audiences.
Harris has only recently recovered from a broken wrist which may slow down his reputed 161mph serve although his rare ability to play ambidextrously may prove an ace up his sleeve.
(160) The following contest is an unusual one: Asteropaios throws both his spears at once, ambidextrously, hitting Achilles' shield without effect and grazing Achilles' arm so as to draw blood (surely the only wound that Homer allows that champion to suffer!); Achilles' single spear misses and penetrates the riverbank whence Asteropaios vainly attempts to pull it out for his own use as Achilles draws his sword and kills him.
Our results suggest that signaling in venture capital investing comprises continuous investments to develop one's own competence, subsequently engaging in relationships with other VC partners in syndicate transactions, being able and willing to reciprocate and act as lead investor, and lastly being able to continuously make this effort of ambidextrously managing networking resources and individual investments.